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Andrian Valeanu 1 March 2019
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6 Ways To Drive eCommerce Traffic To Your Website

E-commerce is growing exponentially and will continue to grow, thanks to the internet and availability of mobile devices.

Are you wondering how to drive more traffic to your eCommerce website? Then this post is for you. It’s no longer a secret that online store sales are exploding. It doesn’t matter whether you are extending your existing online business or starting from scratch, it is essential to building a strong customer relationship to create a unique brand image with the primary aim of generating higher sales.

However, nothing can be more challenging than driving sales for your eCommerce site. With the spread of online marketplaces and loads of choices available online to consumers, it’s difficult to get the attention entrepreneurs to need to drive traffic and revenue. Fortunately, we have lots of great ways to gain customers and drive traffic to your eCommerce website. So, let’s get started!

1. Take Advantage of the best SEO Strategies

If you are going to create content for your eCommerce website to increase traffic, it is essential you understand the significant role SEO can play to help drive traffic. Effective SEO marketing tactic can help you get your website found in Google’s search engine results by the target audience interested in what you have to offer. When it comes to using SEO to generate traffic, there are lots of things to consider.

Effective SEO is not something you can achieve overnight; it requires a long term process. And you can’t get the best of this until you fully optimize your entire content in accord to the latest Google algorithm. But focusing on the fundamentals will get you started in the right direction and help your content rank and drive traffic to your website. For starters, find out what questions your audiences are asking and generate your keywords with them. A tool like the Google Keyword Planner can guide you to the right list of keywords that are most significant to your product and customers.

2. Create Engaging Videos of your Products

We all know the impact video content has been having in marketing. Today, people can easily get influenced by watching entertaining and intriguing videos that are related to their favorite services or products. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to sell; a high-quality video is one of the most powerful tools your eCommerce website needs. With a few seconds of video, you can induce your target audience to visit your website and make a purchasing decision.

Besides creating and adding videos to your website, ensure you post them on social media platforms like Vimeo or YouTube and high authority websites. For instance, YouTube is the second largest search engine users use to find service and product information online. Optimizing your video content for SEO and adding them on YouTube can help your eCommerce gain awareness and leads.

3. Build your Email Subscribers

Building an appealing email list is one of the most effective ways you can drive traffic to your eCommerce website. Do not make the mistake of focusing on attracting new customers that you neglect the existing ones. You can launch email campaigns which target current customers, those that have never bought from you before, and even the customers that abandoned or cancel their order. Since your goal as an entrepreneur is to generate higher sales, try to convert your visitors into subscribers or potential customers.

You can provide fantastic incentives to encourage your website visitors to release their email address for newsletters and other forms of official emails. Make the deals you offer them lucrative, and if you can convince them, chances are higher that these customers will leave a good review and probably share their favorite product with others. To optimize this, you can use an email newsletter templates; this gives you precise control over how your emails feel and look.

4. Retargeting

Retargeting also known as remarketing is a clever way to use the information you collect about your visitors. It gives eCommerce marketers the opportunity to reclaim those potential customers they almost close and to convert those visitors that shows the possibility to buy their products or services. The statistic shows that only 2% of online users get converted on their first visit to a given website.

So retargeting is what you can use to bring back the lost 98% unless you want to lose this percentage of potential customers for forever. Now that’s why retargeting is so powerful; it offers you the opportunity to convert those target audiences who showed interest in what you want to sell.

5. Subscribe to Google AdWords

We all know that advert is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to any eCommerce website. Most startup struggling with fund shies away from advertising because of money. Fortunately, Google AdWords is affordable to even those on a limited budget. It is a pay per click adverting channel created to draw more visitors to your website – it means you only pay for an ad when someone clicks on it or call your company.

There are lots of ways you can take advantage of this effective advertising strategy. Some of them include; you can promote your business app across iOS and Android platform, display banner or text ads in Gmail in apps or on websites, you can show your eCommerce website ads in search results, and more.

6. Reach out to Influencers on Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most effective and efficient marketing platforms for eCommerce marketers. It is also a great way to gain awareness and drive traffic to your online store, especially if you know how to get influencers. Using these influencers is like getting an endorsement from celebrities. To go even further, people trust influencers more than they do celebrities.

So reaching out and getting your product in the hand of an influencer that is relevant to your business can give a great deal of attention to your brand. One of the ways you can find those influencers related to your brand is using Influencer discovery tools.

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