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Usman Ahmed 20 August 2019
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Top B2C eCommerce Challenges Of 2019

E-commerce is considered as one of the best ways to interact, connect, and purchase goods. Particularly, if we take a look at B2C e-commerce, then it is obvious that the B2C e-commerce sites are carefully honed to meet the customers’ needs.

E-commerce is rapidly growing with a faster pace and Direct Macro is a perfect example. However, there are some crazy challenges associated with B2C e-commerce sites. In this blog, we will shed light over a few challenges linked to the B2C e-commerce sites in 2019. Every B2C seller must keep an eye on these challenges for securing their future while understanding the hindrances they need to overcome.

Meeting the Exact Customer Expectations and Closing the Gap

When it comes to evaluating the B2C e-commerce challenges, then the most overlooked challenge is meeting with the exact customer expectations. B2C sellers often put a lot of efforts to close the gap; however, the online buying process mainly depends on the product images.

Therefore, buyers can’t be sure absolutely about what they’re going to get at the end of the purchase.

For B2C buyers, this is an obstacle but not enough to demotivate them from shopping online because they don’t have a great alternative against it except waiting for hours in a physical store.

Nowadays, buyers are required to trust the listed products but, if B2C retailers want their customers to be fully convinced, then they need to expand the approach. 

B2C retailer should integrate the conventional product content with modern media content so that their buyers can fully trust their offerings. The possible solution to this will be the integration of AR/VR content.

AR technology will significantly improve the buyers’ shopping experience. For example: If a buyer wants to purchase furniture for the room, he can possibly pre-view the item for the desired place.

Getting Relevant Traffic

Getting relevant traffic is another great challenge for B2C e-commerce. Traffic generation involves high costs, and retailers are required to perform different operations for pushing traffic towards their site.

The traffic generation process involves several activities, including SEO, PPC affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, and social media presence. All these activities need money to be executed, but sellers have to be careful and do not waste their budget on irrelevant traffic.

Few of the best methods to drive traffic to your online store are Google Adwords and premium quality content.

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click strategy design to attract new customers to the online store. You only need to pay for the ad when someone clicks on it, view your video, or call your business.

B2C sellers can leverage Google AdWords through different methods. Sellers can show their online store through ads in Google search results. This will help them to draw visitors’ attention towards their business. Moreover, they can also show the text or banner ads in Gmail, apps, or on the websites.

Online retailers may also use a few more approaches to drive relevant traffic to their business. For example, sellers can show the most pertinent video ads on YouTube and target audiences based on user interest, location, and other demographics.

If you also have an app of your e-commerce store, then you can also promote it on Android and iOS devices. Since it all involves money; therefore, B2C marketers should keep track of ad campaign performance to check how it is impacting the ROI.

In addition to the ad campaigns, sometimes Google Analytics makes your campaign less effective by not identifying it. Therefore, don’t forget to track your ads properly, you can use add UTM parameters to your landing page URL.

Moreover, don’t forget to set your pay-per-click budget before getting live. It will not let you go over your allotted budget.

Rendering Mobile-Oriented Experiences

Desktop usage is getting conventional, whereas mobile is taking over the center stage. One of the biggest challenges for the B2C sellers is an adaption of the new mobile commerce solutions. Sellers can provide great customer experience with mobile commerce solutions.

Moreover, going mobile will also give other benefits to the sellers as well as to the buyers.

Sellers can also offer mobile-exclusive discounts through which more and more buyers will come to shop. In this way, both sellers and buyers will leverage mobile technology.

However, incorporating mobile commerce has its own set of benefits but it is a challenge for the B2C e-commerce since it also involves payment which has other cybersecurity concerns.

To evade maximum risk related to customer payments, B2C sellers should seek assistance from trustworthy fintechs and offer single-tap payment options to the customers. Some of the most credible mobile wallets are Samsung pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

All of the mentioned sources are reliable and have authentic and secure pins and fingerprints verification through which scams can be kept away.

For e-commerce business owners, it is also mentionable that the predicted volume of mobile payment is about to reach $274 billion by 2021.

Welcoming Digital Currencies

Since we are talking about e-commerce challenges; therefore, we shouldn’t ignore to mention digital currencies. The future of B2C e-commerce will be great if they successfully implement the payment method based on cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is quite famous digital currency, but it is still unclear that how bitcoin will work for the e-commerce platforms, but it is for sure that bitcoin will be one of the most accepted payment methods by the millennials.

B2C e-commerce platforms who are looking for a way to cater to the needs of a particular audience can leverage the employment of digital currency.

Adaption of Voice Ordering System

Voice ordering system is quite the latest method for purchasing online products. The voice system has been implemented by various platforms, and the most popular is Google itself. But it is still not frequently implemented in B2C e-commerce platforms.

Up till today, the voice-driven user experience has been presented by Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Ordering voice systems are quite challenging to add in the regular system since these systems involve development cost, and e-commerce owners don’t know whether the system will be useful or not. But, if we look at those platforms who already implemented the technology, then we can get an idea that the voice system is quite beneficial for those platforms.

Voice searches can better connect customers with the brand plus, catch more user attention, and meet the user expectations. Also, retailers can improve customer experience on mobile if they will integrate the voice system to the app. It will make the app stand out from the crowd.

All in all, the voice search system can offer new opportunities to the retailers who are really looking for a way to catch on their users’ interest.

Reaching Out Through Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

The social media fever is everywhere today, and smart retailers are always ready to leverage every single technology just to maximize their buyers. B2C e-commerce owners should understand the importance of social channels.

The e-commerce retailers should focus on selling their products from multiple channels rather than just a single website or store.

Maximizing business to all the viable channels is a big challenge for B2C retailers, but, once they successfully start selling through multi-channels, then they will experience the visible benefits.

E-commerce retailers can utilize various social platforms to maximize product sales. Retailers can sell through a shoppable Instagram page, voice assistants, Facebook pages are other options to start marketing activities.

Fair Product Return Policy

Every business claims to be honest, but in reality, very few of them follow legitimate practices. Business-to-consumer e-commerce sellers often find it challenging to meet customer expectations when it comes to legal product return policy. The product return costs a lot to the businesses in terms of logistics and shipping.

Therefore, e-commerce sellers must pay close attention to fight against the challenge. These sellers should design a clear product policy and must educate the staff regarding policy, so they better assist the buyers.

Moreover, online businesses must be prepared to pay the cost of their mistakes without any hidden policy clause; otherwise, it will damage the market reputation of the business.

Retaining Customer Loyalty

Maintaining customer loyalty is the most daunting goal to achieve; every single business is struggling to keep its customers. Almost every other business selling the same products and in this cutting-throat completion, the only question that comes in mind is how to main your customers' loyalty?

The answer is very obvious, more customer satisfaction more loyalty. If you want to keep your customers loyal to you, then you must constantly work for their satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction should be a priority throughout the process from ordering to delivery. To maximize customer loyalty, add a live chat option, create a blog to give relevant information to the users. 

Moreover, online resellers should add their complete information to be authentic among buyers. Add email address, phone number, buyers’ reviews, credibility badges on the website, and pictures of your workers will increase your brand’s trust. Hence, customer loyalty will also be increased.

B2C e-Commerce Must Implement the Newfound Ways

Successfully running an e-commerce business is not less than surviving a battle. The competition needs to outclass strategies for every aspect of the business from order to delivery.

Understand your business market and challenges related to it then create the right plan to fight against those challenges and provide utmost value to the buyers. We hope that by implementing such tricks will help you to flourish your business further.

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