Rick Barron
Rick Barron 15 April 2019

It Takes a Village…Part 2

Collecting a large following on one social media platform is not an easy task to achieve…it takes time and effort. That said, the ability to diversify across multiple social platforms enables influencers to reach a whole new level of success. During 2019 these top social media influencers are connecting with millions of people through an increasingly wide array of mediums and formats.

I wrote an article back in June of 2018 titled ‘It Takes A Village’. The topic revolved around leaders and social media influencers of 2018, who collectively brought us current and future insights into the world of social media. Much to my surprise, I received a lot of positive feedback and since then, I’ve been asked via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to construct another list for 2019. Happy to do it.

The list for 2019, I’m happy to say, comprises names that are 80% new! They are thought leaders to stay in touch with this year and can be of help to you when planning your social media strategy. 



1. Michaela Alexis | LinkedIn & Twitter
Michaela is the Millennial LinkedIn Strategist

2. Ollie Brazier | LinkedIn & Twitter

Ollie is the Co-Founder of Digital Eagles NZ and Founder @ Oxygen Media. Ollie’s a great resource if you’re a small & medium company.

3. Jeff Bullas | LinkedIn & Twitter


4. Goldie Chan | LinkedIn & Twitter

5. Gregory Ciotti | LinkedIn & Twitter
Grab a pen & paper and start writing while following Gregory Ciotti, Content Marketing Lead at Shopify. 


6. Geoff Desreumaux | LinkedIn & Twitter



7. Rand Fishkin | LinkedIn & Twitter
Rand is Founder @SparkToro. He’s is obsessed with social media & digital marketing. He’s always looking for better keywords, backlinks, and ways to improve the social traffic to his website.

8. Peg Fitzpatrick | LinkedIn & Twitter


9. Kim Garst | LinkedIn & Twitter
Kim is the social media influencer that focuses on the how’s, the steps, the tips & tricks. You want her on your “social media influencers to follow” list.


10. Derek Halpern | LinkedIn & Twitter

11. Ann Handley | LinkedIn & Twitter

12. Jenn Herman | LinkedIn & Twitter
Instagram your jam? Go for Jenn Herman. Also, since Instagram seems to be everyone’s jam nowadays – Jenn should be followed by any social media expert out there.


13. Dylan Hey | LinkedIn & Twitter
If you’ll follow Dylan on social, you’ll find out more about Paid Ads, case studies like improving Instagram Storie's impressions in just a few steps and useful tips he’s sharing on social.

14. Ryan Hoover | LinkedIn & Twitter
I’m not even sure if Ryan sleeps cause he’s on Twitter all-the-time. I mean it. He’s constantly sharing all the best tools, apps, gadgets and weird things featured on social media.

15. Sam Hurley | LinkedIn & Twitter

16.  Andrew Hutchinson | LinkedIn & Twitter



17. Noah Kagan | LinkedIn & Twitter

18. Robert Katai | LinkedIn & Twitter
He is one of those people with whom you’d enjoy an honest, no-nonsense conversation about what’s going on in marketing and social media.

19. Jason Keath | LinkedIn & Twitter

20. Samantha Kelly | LinkedIn & Twitter
Now if Twitter is your go-to network, you have to get to know Samantha. She is really the Tweeting Goddess and she’ll make you understand Twitter better.

21. Alex Khan | LinkedInTwitter & Instagram
Alex is CEO @ Attractive Media. If you have a question about Instagram Live, then he’s your guy!

22. Evan Kirstel | LinkedInTwitter


23. Clarice Lin | LinkedIn & Twitter

24. Jon Loomer | LinkedIn & Twitter
If you’re big on Facebook as the social media network – Jon is your guy. He is THE social media influencer for Facebook.


25. Garrett Moon | LinkedIn & Twitter
Garrett is the CEO @CoSchedule. Besides running a great company he’s always busy creating stellar pieces of content, including 10x Marketing Formula book he published last year.

26. Pam Moore | LinkedInTwitter



27. Matt Navarra | LinkedIn & Twitter
Matt is the former Social Media Director of The Next Web & obviously, a social media thought leader. He is the alarm clock of all social media related news.


28. Sujan Patel | LinkedIn & Twitter
How this guy manages to run @Mailshakeapp @VoilaNorbert @RightInbox @Pick_Hq at the same time, I have no cluee. He’s a data-driven marketer and entrepreneur.

29. Brian Peters | LinkedIn & Twitter
He speaks about trends, updates in the industry, most important skills to develop, and what to expect in social this year.


30. Tim Queen | LinkedIn & Twitter
Tim is a Marketing Strategist. He answers questions such as – how the LinkedIn algorithm works, how to engage better with your LinkedIn followers, or how to optimize a LinkedIn profile.



31. Rebekah Radice | LinkedIn & Twitter

32. Nancy Richmond | LinkedIn & Twitter
Nancy Richmond is first and foremost a loving professor, a huge advocate of learning and education. You can definitely rely on her to open new perspectives on social media truths and upcoming trends. 


33. Mark Schaefer | LinkedIn & Twitter
Mark is that inspirational social media guru that’s better than 3 shots of espresso in the morning.

34. Mari Smith | LinkedIn & Twitter
Three words describe Mari: active, insightful & always on the spot. She doesn’t miss one piece of important news – you can definitely rely on her to cope with the waves of social media news.

35. Michael Stelzner | LinkedIn & Twitter
Michael Stelzner is awesome! He is the co-founder of Social Media Examiner and the host and genius behind the Social Media Examiner podcast.

36. Scott & Alison Stratten | Scott’s LinkedInAlison’s LinkedIn & Alison’s TwitterScott’s Twitter
Scott & Alison are that social media influencer couple that you can’t help but love.  



37. Viveka von Rosen | LinkedIn & Twitter  
Viveka is a LinkedIn Expert, Speaker, Trainer & Big Mouth. All the best strategies on how to be better social media strategist are shared on her Twitter profile.

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