Jenna Devinney
Jenna Devinney 10 October 2018

Is Email a Goner?

There always seems to be plenty of news articles debating the death of email. Especially in light of upcoming GDPR changes, Facebook changes, and on-going concerns about data privacy - it seems someone, somewhere, is constantly predicting the end of email.

The Facts Don't Lie

Email is not dead, however, let's not dig a grave for it just yet, so put the shovel away for another day. Email is still very much alive and growing.

So why is email a good marketing strategy? 

Well, think about it. How do businesses communicate with one another? By phone and email. Email makes life much easier, and it's a convenient way to follow up with your customers, grow your sales, build relationships, expand your brand, and keep conversions costs low. 

According to litmus, email is 40% more effective than twitter and facebook combined, and 59% of marketers came together and agreed that email is the most effective contact channel to create revenue for their business. 

Instant messaging and social media are most definitely on the rise, but it has not affected email, which in fact is still the highest performing and most effective marketing channel today. Email is here to stay, and is not leaving anytime in the near future. Generating leads is a big reason why email marketing is still in business and growing. Business to community states, "Email Marketing has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of acquiring and keeping customers, with 80 percent of professionals reporting that email drives stronger customers aquisition and retention than any other channel". 

So what're you waiting for? Email is very much alive, maybe it's time to start thinking about an email campaign to reach your target audience. Here's some advice to run a successful email campaign.

Building a Relationship

There's a big misinterpretation on the topic of not being able to build relationship through email marketing. People tend to say that it's a spam, constantly blowing up customers inboxes, but that's far from true. Email Marketing is the best way to build relationships through personalization by targeting leads, current customers, prospects, because you are in touch with them directly.

According to Campaign Monitor, "Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%, and over 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, rather than one-size-fits-all cmapaigns. Automated email campaigns account for 21% of email marketing revenue".

So why wouldn't you want to contact them through email? They are most likely on their emails all day everyday anyways so get their attention and build a relationship.

It's always good to Personalize

It's always good for a business to keep their content relevant, fun and up to date to their customers. If you're sending a mass email that has no flavor or personalization those emails tend to be left, and not opened. Find out your customers interests, hobbies, and more and use that information to target and build relationship.

Customer Retention

According to the Data & Marketing Association, Email Marketing has a higher conversion rate than both direct mail and social media combined. Email Marketing is cost efficient and will give you the best results over most other marketing channels. 

Track and Measure your Emails 

One of the bonuses sending an email campaign is that you can track and emasure your emails. You can find out when someone opens your emails, how many people opted out, or even how many people interacted with your contact and links in your emails. Who wouldn't want that? Now do you feel a lot better about where email is heading in the next few years? Something else to mention, you cannot track your messages in your social media channels. A big reason why creating an email campaign is the way to go. 

Easy to Integrate

Do you think it's a hassle to have to create an email marketing campaign? Think again, it's easy to just add links in your emails, of your newsletter or social channels and website to tell your subscribers to check your recent blog posts out. It is giving your customers all the information they need at their fingertips without making them search for it. Good content, and personalize your message can go along way.


By the end of this year, more and more marketers are becoming braver with creating fun emails that are engaging which can boost your click through rates, and conversion rates. The open rates of transactional emails are more than eight times higher, and the reason why? Well, according to Aritic, it's because of better deliverability, more engaging content, actionable, personalized, easy, and the quality of the content. Also, spam reporting with minimal transactional emails are reported as spam which then enhance the reputation of that type of email with the ISPs.

Email is not as dead as you might assume it to be. Start crafting an email message that is inviting, engaging, and personal to your customers. 

But before you send those emails, make sure you properly create your email lsit, and do not buy used lists. Rely on Webbula to clean, and append your data lists. You don't want to be affected by the hidden threats lurking in your emails such as spam traps, moles bots and many more. Missing data? Give us a name, email, or phone number and we can give you the rest. 

Since email is not dead, and won't be for some time, think about an email campaign, and if you are already creating one, trust Webbula for your email hygiene needs. We've got you covered. 

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