Sharon Dargaville
Sharon Dargaville 5 October 2018

Can AI Replace Sentient Content Writers? (Or, Three Reasons Why They Can’t)

Here is a scary post to have to create as a professional SEO writer. The truth is that there is already a wealth of AI content creation technology available, and this should make me worried. Alas, it does not, as here are three reasons as to why AI shouldn’t surpass sentient beings as content creators.

Robots Can’t Replace that Human Element

Robots are exactly that: robots. They have no memories, emotions or preferences, and they don’t (at least now, anyway) have the ability to love or hate anyone or thing. Therefore, this is exactly where human content creators cannot be replaced. Writing is a deeply human task, and therefore has the ability to be far more moving than just a presentation of figures and statements.

People care about the stories they read, and they like to see these stories presented by businesses, too. To be able to tell a business’s story, the writer needs a background of meaningful experiences themselves – something a robot simply cannot provide.

Robot-Generated Content is Incredibly Expensive

Although many AI content generators are pretty flash, this isn’t usually the case. Therefore, what the public already has access too is entirely different from what large corporations can get their hands on. What I’m saying is this: quality AI content creators are incredibly expensive. Some options, such as Articoolo, are incredibly cheap. But to quote the great, non-AI written film, Midnight in Paris, “cheap is cheap”. This quote is perfect for Articoolo and other inexpensive content creators, as they create woeful content.

Give it a try for yourself – it can actually be quite enjoyable to see what kind of nonsense it comes up with.

AI Content Creators Are Not Relatable

Unless you are referring to some kind of humanoid cyborg wordsmith that has travelled back from the time where these cyborgs may exist, robot writers are incredibly hard to relate to and lack the sympathetic element of an SEO human writer.

For example, think about influencers. The influencer marketing industry is set to reach a value of $10 billion by 2020. That’s very well and good for influencers, but could they have gotten to where they did without being able to relate to their audience? They have the ability to relate to other people on a human level, try getting excited about a new shampoo being washed through the metal hair of a robot…

Human writers have the ability to evoke emotional responses from their audiences because they have the ability to write with emotion. Regardless of how much we try to omit this, our work will always be subjective and this is something buyers relate to on a deeper level.


This article has come from the toiling fingertips of a human writer, so maybe it is a biased evaluation of the future of content creation. Perhaps I’m just overcompensating for the fact I might eventually lose my job to a being with the name “T-45”. Regardless, the above list contains three pretty good reasons as to why AI won’t replace me sitting here at my computer chair any time soon, but that could only go as far as any time soon.

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