Tiffany Harper
Tiffany Harper 6 December 2018

The Future of Email Marketing 2019: Get to Know All Email Marketing Trends

You might be thinking that 2019 is a few months away, why we supposed to know about the next year’s trends now? However, if you ask that I can assume that you are one of that person who prepares the Christmas decorations in early September but I can tell you that I am not that person... So, let me introduce to you the new upcoming Email Marketing trends for 2019 we all are waiting for

Email marketing is over 20 years old already, but it still plays a major role in modern business. As a matter of fact, this communication channel is getting increasingly important as reports reveal that for every $1 spent on email marketing $44 is made in return, which makes it a highly profitable marketing tool.

However, email marketing is constantly developing and you can’t expect to acquire new subscribers using old and obsolete content creation tactics. On the contrary, you need to learn how to combine traditional and digital techniques in order to grab the attention of the target audience.

What makes email so important for our business communication? What is the future of email marketing? Keep reading and you’ll find out the most important trends that are going to dominate in 2019.

Key Benefits of Email Marketing

Some of you are probably wondering: Why are these people still talking about email marketing? Just in case you still believe this channel is a thing of the past, check out the key benefits of email usage for business purposes:

  • Cost efficiency: We mentioned already that email marketing is delivering an incredible ROI and other channels of promotion can hardly ever compete with it.

  • Accessibility: Email is recognized as the legitimate means of professional communication, which is why almost 4 billion people use it globally.

  • Simplicity: Another reason why email is so popular is its simplicity. The technology is easy to use and therefore widespread all over the world.

  • Brand awareness: You can use this marketing platform to raise brand awareness and build a solid base of loyal followers.

  • Analytics: It is very easy to measure the results of email marketing efforts, so you can quickly upgrade the strategy to come up with more effective solutions.


6 Email Marketing Trends to Follow Next Year

Now it is time to focus on the main subject. Email marketing gives users a wide variety of possibilities, so the strategy you apply depends mostly on your own inspiration and strategic planning. However, some trends are definitely the same for all users and we want to explain each one of these here:

  1. A simpler design

The first big change is design-related as a lot of marketers want to switch from visually rich newsletters and messages to the plain textual content. Content creators at the cheap writing services say that heavy imagery burdens emails up to the point where many users don’t want to open it: “In such circumstances, a majority of marketers feel like going back to the good old textual content, crafting emails the way they are supposed to be – digital forms of traditional letters.”

  1. More segmentation

You probably know already that segmentation strongly impacts the overall success rate of email marketing campaigns, but it’s simply impossible to overestimate this tactic. In 2019, segmentation will take another leap forward to become even more personalized, providing users with tailored content that perfectly matches their personal needs.

You should use data analytics and approach each subscriber with due diligence, making sure that your messages resonate with the previous interactions this person had with your company. While classic segmentation divides users into specific groups, the new model is going even further by treating each receiver separately.

  1. Storytelling

Storytelling is another way to earn positive impressions through email marketing. If you want to focus on textual content, you might as well write compelling stories that inspire your followers. The goal is to create evergreen content with the potential to engage the audience and convince them to take the desired action. It is also the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your subscribers, proving that your business is genuine and not dehumanized.


  1. Mobile optimization

More than half of email activities already come from mobile devices, so it’s natural to put a greater emphasis on mobile optimization in 2019. It’s not a new process, but it is getting more important as the mobile usage trend is booming. To put it simply, you will have to:

  • Go easy on images and videos

  • Use responsive email templates

  • Divide text into smaller units and paragraphs

  • Pay attention to CTA buttons and make them larger<

  1. Use predictive analytics

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and data science, it has become easier to exercise predictive analytics and detect the forthcoming trends using the existing databases. Since you probably administer a lot of historical data, you can exploit large volumes of information to figure out the future needs and requirements of your target audience.

Doing so, you can serve subscribers with the right kind of content before they even start looking for it! Needless to say, this is the best tactic to get your foot in the door and completely outdo your biggest competitors.

  1. Ensure data protection

The last advice is to ensure high-quality data protection because it’s the only way to keep the prospects happy and save your professional reputation at the same time. Allowing users to unsubscribe is not enough anymore, so you’ll have to convince them that you are using the most advanced data protection models. Therefore, we recommend you keep subscribers informed about all security news to make them feel more comfortable using your services.


Email may be one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, but it’s definitely not obsolete. On the contrary, it still has the power to make or break your business, so you better prepare for the coming trends and embrace the state of the art tactics in this field.

We showed you here several email marketing features to keep an eye on in 2019. Using these strategies, you can take the business to the whole new level and earn a lot more subscribers. Make sure to test all of our suggestions and let us know in comments if you need any additional explanations – we would be glad to discuss it with you.

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