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Catherine Palmer 29 November 2018
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Becoming Recognizable: How to Market Your Brand New Logo

When you have a new logo designed for your business, you’ve probably given a lot of thought as to how it’s going to be the ideal visual representation of your brand. Needless to say, the logo is a fundamental branding tool and a powerful way to influence your target audience’s perception. But without an audience, a great logo is just a good graphic design. In order to leverage its humongous branding power and make yourself recognizable to a wider audience, you need to market your logo to the max. We’ve rounded up some crucial tips to help you with that.

Generate buzz before the launch

Before you launch the new logo, you’ll need to ensure that all your brand materials are prepared and aligned with the event, featuring the new logo. You don’t want to find yourself dealing with stacks of freshly printed business cards or new stationery with the old logo on them. An official launch takes time, so don’t rush it – make sure everything is prepared and your entire team is on the same page. In the meanwhile, this is the perfect time to generate a bit of buzz and get your audience intrigued about the new logo.

And the best place to build hype would be…you’ve guessed it – social media. Tell your audience on social that you’re working on a new logo, announce the launch in a post, or better yet, involve them in the process to some extent. For example, you can run polls on Facebook and Instagram to ask them what they think of certain colors or styles. But don’t stick to social media exclusively – make sure you announce the launch on your website too and include it in guest posts whenever possible.

Write a blog post about the new logo

Once you launch the new logo, make sure to turn to content marketing as a tactic to help you drive maximum benefit. Write about the new logo in a blog post on your website – tell your audience about the design process, the reasoning behind certain design decisions, the history, fun facts, etc. Don’t be mistaken, for this could actually be a very engaging topic that your target audience will appreciate. You’ve put in a lot of effort and you’re certainly proud of the new creation, so don’t hesitate to share the story behind it. Share this post on social media and reach out to some popular graphic design blogs to get the story of your logo featured. This will also help you gain visibility and drive traffic to your website so you’ll have hit two birds with one stone.  

Promote physically

Merchandising is the most longstanding, popular way to market your logo. Pasting your logo on t-shirts, cups, stationery, caps, etc. is a great way to imprint your brand image into the minds of your target consumers and to promote brand loyalty as well. And don’t underestimate traditional advertising, such as brochures, billboards, etc. which will help you expose your brand outside of the digital landscape.

But this is where you should get creative and grab every opportunity to increase consumer impressions and strengthen your image. Get the whole team involved. You can turn the logo into an accessory with different types of lapel pins which your entire staff will be pleased to wear. This would be especially important at industry events, where you can also display the logo clearly on ID badges and guest passes. Or why not get a fridge magnet crafted from it? Think beyond mugs and t-shirts and have fun with the physical promotion.

Do branded giveaways on social media

Once again, social media presents itself as the all-powerful marketing channel. Because what better way to get your merch out than by offering it for free on social? The trick is that giveaways encourage UGC (user-generated content) so you’re not only getting your merchandise into the hands of your target consumers (where it should be) – you’re also legitimately marketing your brand on social to widen your reach.

And speaking of social media, don’t hesitate to paste your logo in the corner of your videos, as a watermark, or at the bottom of your photos. Every imprint counts!

Not only will your logo serve as the visual spokesperson for your brand, but it’s vital to increasing consumer impressions and staying top of mind. From the Nike Swoosh to the arched yellow M, some logos are so strongly imprinted in our minds that the sight of them instantaneously evokes multiple associations – and they’ve even become a part of popular culture. Your logo can be an essential catalyst for business success and growth, so make use of these tips and always be on the lookout for creative new ways to display it.

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