Anthony Tisara
Anthony Tisara 5 June 2018

The Various Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Have

An overview on various tools that are available for digital marketers that will come handy in their content creation, Search Engine Optimization as well as social media and email marketing efforts. The information provided will also give digital marketers ideas on what tools to use to make their campaigns easier and more efficient.

A career in digital marketing is rewarding, but if you think that being a digital marketer is easy, then you have it all wrong. Most careers require you to specialize in one thing, but for you to have an impact in the world of digital marketing, you must be, at the very least, a jack-of-all-trades.

A digital marketer, for one, must be a fairly decent writer. A slightly more in-depth knowledge of SEO is a must too. It’s also expected of a digital marketer to be quite familiar with social media and email marketing, which any digital marketer worth his or her salt must run very well.

With all the tasks that digital marketers face on a daily basis, you would think that they’re going to need superpowers just to be able to juggle all of them while trying not to go insane. While superpowers would definitely come in handy, all good digital marketers would ever need to do their job well are digital marketing tools at their disposal. Thankfully, there are lots of excellent tools that can make the work and lives of digital marketers easier. Here are some of them.


Any digital marketing agency campaign has an SEO component to it, and Moz can be instrumental in helping you manage your SEO efforts. With either Moz Pro or Moz Local, you can track rankings, keep an eye on your link building campaign, and inform your content marketing efforts.

Google Analytics

It is impossible to quantify everything that Google has given to us over the last couple of decades. Google Analytics is one gift from the search engine giant that is immeasurably valuable. Few other tools make tracking all elements related to your website traffic in real time easier than Google Analytics. Whatever information you want about your websites, you can be sure that Google Analytics can help you get and understand it.


Another tool that can help SEOs, paid search experts, and digital marketers alike in tracking and improving search rankings is SEMRush.  With its built-in digital marketing tools, you can track not only your own site but your competitors as well. You can have a good look into how their rankings fluctuate, the backlinks that they get, and perform a full analysis of your competition using SEMRush’s tools.


When it comes to social media analytics and management, Hootsuite is right there at the top with more than 15 million users. With Hootsuite, you can schedule social media posts ahead of time, among many other things.


Digital marketing counts customer relationship management or CRM among its most essential elements. Knowing a customer or prospect well, meanwhile, is a crucial aspect of CRM. Charlie is one tool that makes knowing a person well quite easy and quick. It helps digital marketers learn whatever they need to learn about people, from their likes or dislikes to the things that their social media profiles say about their own personalities.


Your blog and social media posts could use eye-catching images, and the built-in templates and optimized sizes offered by Canva can give your posts the images with oomph that they need. Canva makes creating custom-shaped or sized images easier, and that is why many digital marketers have it in their toolkit.


Email campaigns are an indispensable part of digital marketing, and one tool that can help you run them with ease is MailChimp. MailChimp, which has eight million daily users, has a straightforward platform structure that makes it so easy to use regardless of your experience in email marketing.

Oracle Maxymiser

A landing page is one of the most important pages of your website, and it’s the one that you must be absolutely sure works. Oracle Maxymiser is one of the best tools for landing page testing, as it is capable of running several different tests at the same time, among other things.


The use of videos in digital marketing is getting more popular, with more and more amazing videos getting created every day. Even more awesome is the fact that there are many other platforms other than YouTube where you can distribute your original videos. Wistia is one such platform. While YouTube has many limitations, Wistia allows you to do many things such as viewing heatmaps, adding CTA buttons, and analyzing the viewing habits and patterns of those who click the play button on your videos.

The tools listed above are just the tip of the proverbial digital marketing iceberg. Some of these tools are free, while some come with a fee if you want access to bigger and better features. Whatever you decide to put in your digital marketing toolkit, you can be sure that your life as a digital marketer will become so much easier than it was before.

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