Chris Orlob
Chris Orlob 5 June 2018

Boost Your Sales: 5 Ideas For a Winning Cold Calling Script

Preparation is never a bad thing. Especially when you’re dialing a complete stranger.

While you want to take a tailored approach to each and every cold call, it’s smart to have a few quick lines or talking points to lean on and help you keep your cool.

Here are a few things to remember…

1. Do Your Research

Many reps make the mistake of picking up the phone without even looking at who they’re calling.

But for the sake of time wasted, spending a few minutes upfront will make you more successful in the long run.

Easy ways to prep?

You’re probably already on LinkedIn, so check out your prospect’s profile before you begin dialing.

Look at what their company does, what the prospect’s role is, if you’ve helped a similar company in the past, and how to pronounce their name.

And if you have time, try to look up one “fun fact” about them. This is a good thing to keep in your back pocket of any conversation with someone new.

2. Be Direct

Think about it from the prospect’s perspective.

If you receive a cold call, do you actually want to stay on the line for more than a few minutes?

Probably not.

It’s best to keep what you say on the leaner side.

Start things off by saying your name and where you work – with clarity and confidence. No one wants to pick up the phone and hear, “Hi, this is aiwjerlawer from awejrawlkerm.”

And even if you’re met with, “You’re who? From what?” you shouldn’t let it discourage you. Restate your introduction, and move forward with the conversation.

3. Use Lines That are Proven to Work

After you make a quick introduction, continue with an opening line that is proven to work.

Many salespeople swear “Did I catch you at a bad time?” is an effective cold call opening line. However, according to recent data, the shelf life of this cold call opening line has expired.

Lines like “How are you?” and “The reason for my call is…” tend to keep your prospect engaged and on the line.

But, “How have you been?” is actually the most effective.


While you might think it works because of a previous interaction, it actually works because it is a pattern interrupt. It’s unexpected and and scrambles the brain -- in a good way.

And in turn, your prospect has to think about how they’ve been instead of how they can get off the phone with you.

4. Maintain Fluid Conversation

With any cold call, buying time is the name of the game.

Once you make a connect, you have just a few seconds to earn a few minutes. And once you earn a few minutes, you use that time to earn an hour.

Remember, you’re trying to get your prospect’s attention AND hold it, too.

But, since cold calls are at constant risk of being ended prematurely by the buyer, it’s important to say something interesting straight out of the gate.

You can maintain the back-and-forth with a good, topical question.

An example?

“I see went to [College Name] – did you catch the [team name] game last weekend?”

Your goal is to get your prospect talking while proving you’re familiar with their background and eventually their current role.

However, this only works if you’ve already baited and hooked your prospect, and you’re looking to establish rapport.

With most cold calls, you’re talking to someone that’s probably pretty busy.

If he or she responds to an opening line with something like, “This isn’t the best time, but I’ve got a few minutes to spare,” it’s time to get to the point.

Cold calling scripts should always incorporate a pitch that is short. Start with a positioning statement that shows you work with customers like them and understand their pain points. With this, you’re setting yourself apart from other cold calling scripts by not talking about yourself.

Need a hypothetical positioning statement? Try something like, “I work with sales teams for Enterprise companies. My customers are typically looking to increase revenue as fast as possible. Does that sound like you?”

Chances are, you’ve already pre-qualified the person on the other line, so you’re basically guaranteed a “yes.” And then you can then ask them to tell you more.

As they explain their pain points and objectives, LISTEN. You need this information to continue building your conversation and eventually present something that will be of value.

5. Keep it Light

At the end of the day, everyone appreciates someone making their day better.

Do your best to make your prospect laugh or smile on your call. The stronger the relationship you can establish right out of the gate, the better chance you have for a sale.

You can also give them a chance to talk about their problems. Then, by showing you might have a solution, your chances of getting a second call with them will instantly improve.

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