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Boris Dzhingarov 25 April 2018
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Five Web Development Trends Coming In 2018

Do you know which are the latest web development trends? Check out some of the latest trends

Technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever before with changes to some areas, such as web development, happening constantly. Anyone involved in this type of work has to look to the future so that any websites they develop are not outdated before they are even launched. What five web development trends coming in 2018, what should they be considering now?

Single Page Websites

Single page websites are becoming more popular because they allow the user to scroll down without moving from page to page. They are usually long with links that will move to particular sections. From a developer’s point of view, they are cheaper to produce and let the brand the site is for decide in which order they want things viewed. From a viewer’s perspective, they are simple and fast to use. They are ideal for the smart devices that account for more than 80 percent of online use.

Building Own Websites

As people become more tech savvy, so more of them are building their own website. Initially, many people look at this option because of the cost involved in using professional website developers.  They often have a pleasant surprise when they realise how easy some of the website builders are to use. Of course, they would not be suitable for large businesses, but if you are a small business or perhaps a budding artist wanting to showcase your work, they are ideal.

Visual Content

Even in the days before websites, magazines knew the effects that good visual content could have, and spent fortunes on photo shoots to get the best pictures.  Now visual content is proving to have the same effect online, and more websites are relying on good images and videos with less written text. Today’s technology means that you do not have to break the bank to produce quality imagery, and even videos can be made quite cheaply.

Online Support

It is no longer necessary to have a customer service team on hand 24 hours a day to deal with queries. Chatbots, which are computer programs that can speak to us or send us a message, give a website a constant point of contact.  They can answer simple questions or direct people to the right information and pages.  As consumers become more familiar with them, so the expectation for all websites to have them will rise.

The Re-emergence Of Static Websites

In the early days of the Internet all websites were static. They have progressed a long way since then and the popularity of static websites is re-emerging. They show the same fixed content to every viewer. They are secure, load quickly and are inexpensive to make. Today’s static websites should not be compared to the ones from the infancy of the Internet, as they are not as boring or labour intensive to develop.

There’s More to Come

These are just five of the web development trends for 2018, there are many more. Push notifications, motion user interface and progressive web apps are just three more things that will make web developing in 2018 different.

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