Muneeb Qadar
Muneeb Qadar 11 September 2017

How to Make the Most of Facebook Ads for Your Small Business

Believe it or not, almost every business owner tries to implement Facebook Ads in their marketing strategy to increase brand awareness. With more than 2 billion monthly active users, there is every type of consumer market present on Facebook. Facebook ad targeting allows digital marketers to access data of any type of audience.

This social media network is too big and small business owners can’t afford to ignore the amazing opportunity Facebook ads provide. But there are some novice advertisers who think that figuring out the basics of Facebook marketing is quite easy and simple; however, it is not exactly the case. You need a careful planning and strategic approach in order to generate significant sales via Facebook ads.

Many business owners use Facebook as a last resort for spending their marketing budget but don’t get satisfactory results. If truth be told, the flaw is in their strategy, not the social media network.   

If you are a small business owner and want to know how Facebook Ads work, why they are important for your small business and how to create a simple strategy, then read on the post.

How to Create a Perfect Facebook Advertising Strategy

You can boost your post and get significant engagement such as likes, shares, comments, but when it comes to Facebook ad efforts, you need to provide an offer for free or low-priced that is a no-brainer for your target audience. You need to create an effective strategy for your Facebook sales funnel, here are a few steps to come up with a perfect Facebook marketing strategy. You can also create a compelling Facebook post that will turn your users into customers.

Set up Your Target Audience

Facebook Power Editor is the best tool to customize your audience to either include or exclude users based on their age, location, gender, relationship status, page affinities, profession, household and much more. Using the Boost Post option within your Facebook page allows you to increase your content reach among the audience who like your page. Facebook Power Editor allows you to create custom audiences, marketing on Instagram and testing different versions of the same ad.

Create an Amazing Offer for Your Target Audience

Earning your audience’s trust is important to make them your brand promoters and loyal customers. Come up with an amazing offer – whether an eBook, a course, trial membership, webinar, or a free sample product. The goal is to take users to your landing page where you can easily get their email address in exchange for the free offer.

Create a Small Upsell

Once your user shows an interest for the free offer, show them a small upsell product. Your profit margin on this minor upsell must be ideally rated to cover of your Facebook ads. If we consider the right conversion rate, the result is free lead acquisition.

Use Email Marketing and Retargeting Techniques

When you gained trust of your prospective clients, it’s the right time to sell them your products. For this, you can opt for different methods such as email, phone and any other direct method to promote your free offer. You can use a Facebook Pixel to retarget users with ads. Facebook Pixel is basically a small snippet of code that you can embed on your website. And when a Facebook user visits your page, they can be tracked, making it easier for your display Facebook ads that are tailor-made to them.

Facebook Advertising – Some Important Considerations

Define Your Budget

As Facebook enables you to retain complete control over your budget. As a digital marketer, all you need to define your budget, Facebook gives you an option to set a daily budget or limit the budget throughout your marketing campaign. In addition, you can also set the amount you want to spend per click. This is a cost-effective option for businesses that already know what a lead is worth to them.

Testing is Must

Within Power Editor, you have the option to test multiple ads, changing one element at a time to check which version works best or generates more ROI. For instance, one ad may use a different title, or a different image, a different CTA and so on. By serving these variations to the same target audience, you can easily determine which ad generates greater results. In addition, you have also an option to test identical ads with different group of people.

Create an Effective Strategy for Your Facebook Advertising

Being a digital marketer, you don’t need a heavy marketing budget to advertise on Facebook. When you have a clear idea of all the ins and outs of setting up audiences and A/B testing ad types, you can easily improve your Facebook advertising efforts which results in lower costs per action.

Facebook earns a lot of money from new advertisers who mindlessly using the Boost Post feature. Mastering the art of using Power Editor will allow you to effectively use your Facebook marketing budget.

Know the Type of Your Facebook Ads

Since Facebook ads or Traffic ads can drive traffic to your business website, there are many other types of Facebook ads that digital marketers should know to run an effective digital marketing campaign.

·         Brand awareness

·         Engagement

·         Conversions

·         Lead generation

·         Reach

·         App installs

·         Store visits

·         Video views

Every ad type serves a unique objective, from audience growth to generating sales. As you understand more about Facebook advertising, you will easily learn how different ad types can do wonders for your business.

Over to You

All in all, the success of your Facebook marketing efforts will rely on your dedication to learn Facebook Power Editor, using effective strategies and consulting a social media or digital marketing agency that already has the experience to make your Facebook marketing campaign a big hit!


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