Naval Gupta
Naval Gupta 29 September 2017

5 Amazing Link Building Techniques That You Should Know

In last two years we've has seen some significany changes in search marketing thanks to the Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. Both have had a signficant impact on online marketing best practices - from how websites are built to how you build traffic to your site. If you're still using obsolete link-building practices -- such as automatic directory entries or "10,000 connections for $10" bundle purchases -- it is time to develop a new, upgraded link building plan.

1. Guest posting

The Procedure for guest posting describes creating an article that will be published on someone else or business's website. Not only does this technique give you access to another audience, it may also help you procure a minimum of one valuable backlink targeted at your own website.

To maximize the value of the strategy, utilize well known, highly regarded websites and deliver only your very best articles to these publishing websites. Guest posting is all about the relationship that you build with a different website and its viewers. It is not a technique which may be automated by sending any outdated post to some old publishing site so as to procure a link or two.

2. Creating infographics

People often prefer to share infographics -- pictures that share data in a picture, aesthetically-pleasing way. If you take some opportunity to come up with an interesting, attractive infographic, it is very likely to be shared by person to person, leading to new links whenever your picture is referenced on a different website.

To determine whether your infographic meets these criteria, ask to yourself,” Should I share this with my friend” if you cannot answer "Yes" for this question, odds are that your infographic may use some tweaking before it is released.

Infographic however, when done correctly, this investment may pay off in terms of the amount of links that finally result from the picture's distribution.

3. Building link through Emails

With Google cracking down on sidewise links - links found in website’s sidebars and footers that appear on each page of the website - creating "in-content" hyperlinks are going to be an essential portion of the link building process this year. In-content links are ones which are in the human body content of the referring website's pages.

A prospective way to find these links is through a process called Email link building, where you email prospective linking sites and request that your link be put on a pertinent page of articles. By way of instance, if you operate a SEO firm and also experience a web site which lists all of the little companies in your region, emailing the person who owns the website and asking that a link to your company site is a means to create fresh, valuable links.

4. Creating content that goes viral

You might be amazed that among the Best Link-building techniques does not involve any sort of outreach in any respect.

Viral content creation refers to the procedure for publishing exceptionally valuable, exceptionally shareable content onto your site and then seeding your hyperlinks on popular social networking sites. If you make remarkable content, individuals should want to discuss it with other people, ideally resulting in an influx of traffic which happens with no direct participation in building each and every link.

While there is no difficult and fast formula for creating viral content on the internet, it is possible to analyze pieces which were shared broadly for hints to that which made it so common. Quite often, it's content which captures emerging tendencies or is just absurd or amusing.

5. Analyzing competitor backlinks

Assessing your opponents' link profiles could be achieved using many simple tools like Ahrefs (free 14 days trial available to try), Majestic SEO, and Open Site Explorer from Moz with available free trials. These tools let you look at the sites which are linking back to your competitors' sites.

Seeing your opponents' backlink profiles ought to provide you Tons of ideas for possible sources which need to be linking back to your own Site too. You Will Want to qualify these chances, as copying a Competitor's spam hyperlinks will not do your site any favors. Maintain strict Link-building criteria during your own efforts that are dedicated to generating valuable backlinks that can seems natural to the Search engine.

So, isn’t it right time to use these amazing link building techniques? Good Luck!

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