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Robert Cordray 28 September 2017
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10 Ways to Make Your Products and Services Stand Out in a Saturated Market

How does a business make its products stand out in the crowded market? Answering this query represents the holy grail of marketing. Each and every day, thought leaders and marketers invent new messaging ideas and repurpose content of all types. If your messages fall under this category, your aim is to lift them above the category and get them to stand out in the marketplace. Here are ten ways to move closer to the marketing holy grail.

Focus on Helping People, not making the Sale

People will buy your products when they know you care about them. Whether you are selling in person, writing a sales letter, or doing a sales video, your audience is silently watching to see whether you care more about selling your products more than helping them find a product or service that will best serve their own needs. Don’t be pushy. Focus on the customer to the extent that you almost cease to exist. 

Guarantee their Satisfaction

Offer a strong satisfaction guarantee. If the customer doesn’t get the expected results from the product, make it clear that you know you don’t deserve to be paid. This strategy makes people more comfortable buying from you and also costs nothing.

Offer a Marketing Hook

Offer information as an incentive for additional contact. The “hooks” should provide something of value to interested prospects. Here are some good examples of hooks: 

• Give us a call today for a free ebook
• Download our free mortgage calculator

These hooks increase the attention your website gets and your response rate as well.

Be Human

Don’t fall into the pit of forgetting that customers are human beings. Most businesses forget this and fail to make an impact in the market. In the face of big data and social media automation, these factors often seem to disappear. Focus on authenticity, trust, and passion so as to make your audience find it reasonable to interact with you. On social media, post photos and videos of your team members being themselves and converse with your followers and ask and answer questions, instead of using it strictly as a promotional tool.

Talk to Real People

We sometimes forget to talk to real people. The truth is that every day, were are using various tools such as BI dashboards to evaluate the current status of metrics and key performance indicators for our business and know how to connect with your customers. While it is appropriate to do this, don’t forget to get involved in real conversations with real people for more insight.

Show Yourself

When showing yourself, remember to demonstrate how your products are different from those of your competitors. Develop an authentic voice that cuts through commonly used business jargons. Also, use simple tools like Wisestamp to create your own signature.

Read More

Reading more will increase your intelligence, creativity, empathy, and brain power. With these, you are more likely to succeed in the world of business.

Build on Your Strengths

Find what is already working for you and built on it. Measure what is working for you using conversions, not vanity metrics. Use tools such as Optimizely to help you make changes on your websites so that you can tell what to do to serve your clients better.

Position Your Business as Experts

Your prospects will not contact you merely because you are experts. Demonstrate the expertise to them, and only after doing this right will they have a reason to do business with you. Treat them with respect and deliver on all your promises in a timely manner. 

Take Action

If you have been marketing your products for a few years, you must have heard these nine marketing ideas? How have you used them to grow your sales? For many marketers, these are not new ideas, but they have not put them into action yet. Take action to see results. 

Standing out in the saturated market will always be a major marketer’s challenge. Start with these basics to be able to breakthrough.

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