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Five Tactics To Decrease Churn Rate Of A Mobile App

Most applications lose 77% of their daily active users in just three days of installation and 95% of all daily active users within 90 days. Talking about these statistics, they look quite disturbing if user retention is the key aspect of your app’s monetization strategy.

But it is possible for you to retain a larger percentage of your app’s users than the average through some small and highly effective tactics. If you are also looking forward to reducing churn rate and keep your users engaged with your mobile app, you can go through below-mentioned tips and tactics that can help you.

Decrease Churn Rate of a Mobile App with These Five Tactics

Make Yourself Available When It’s Possible

There are lots of people, who are thinking about Gmail as a SaaS business. But do know that it fits all the usual criteria? It is software, it is hosted for you and you can also pay for an ad-free subscription through Google’s G Suite product. Gmail is considered as the most widely used and popular SaaS offerings across. And it is popular that most of the people forget it is a business.

What will you think when you know that there’s a Gmail application? Nothing, right? If you are not able to access your email on your phone, you may also go back to using a StarTac, or you may choose one of those phones from the 80s. 

Using Gmail application is not compulsory as you could also use Apple Mail or Outlook to check your mails. But suppose, if you can’t access your mail on the go, it would be a lot less useful. The mobile application is a great way to deliver your users with the convenience of using your app.

Furthermore, it also established your software into a user’s daily life. So, if you are using Gmail on your phone, chances are likely to use it on the web. Chances are that you are certainly much less likely to switch over a competing email service.

So, remember that the speed and convenience benefits of a mobile app are not for the only email, but it could be for anything your users are doing on the laptop and they wanted to do on their phone.

Make Sure You Choose Advertising that Integrates Naturally with Your App

As we all know that the balancing advertising performance and user experience is quite difficult, especially for a mobile application. It is highly important that you not overdo it and leave users with a compromised experience if your application depends on advertising to produce revenue.

An ad-supported application is the best way to improve user experience and decrease churn rate and it is to focus on native advertising rather than typical CPM display ads. As native advertising is mainly designed to merge into your app, it mainly has less of an impact on experience than traditional banner ads.

This enhancement keeps users engaged constantly, enhancing retention. There are various native ad networks pay higher eCPMs than the traditional display or interstitial ad networks, enabling you to monetize your app in the process.

Update Often to Fix Bugs Before Users Feel Annoyed

Applications that have bugs are rarely getting popularity. It doesn’t matter how much value your application delivers to users, you will face problem in retaining your audience if your app is held back by stability and performance issues.

If you want to avoid bugs, the best way to do so is roll out frequent updates of your application. You should perform detailed QA and bug tests using MyCrowd to discover issues, then act as instantly as possible to fix them in a weekly or bi-weekly update.

The smaller your development cycle is, the faster you can resolve your app’s bugs. It is better you resolve it before it results in bad ratings and comments on the app store.

Including Features That Web Can’t Match

A mobile phone is not the only phone, but it is really an internet-connected supercomputer for your pocket with enormous interesting sensors like microphone, GPS, touch, camera, Bluetooth and more.

The more facilities you can provide in your application, the more value your users will realize and chances are less likely they are to churn. A mobile application allows you to take benefit of these sensors and other mobile-only abilities so that you can deliver more functionalities that you wouldn’t be possible in a desktop application.

Let’s take one example of an Expensive application that uses your phone’s camera to upload receipts – functionality that a web app can’t match, since the camera on a phone is simpler to use and a user’s phone is likely to be with them as they are at a meal or traveling. Various applications have found innovative ways to take benefit of GPS data as well.

Therefore, you should also include features that web can’t match and get more and more users as it will be less likely to churn.

Stay Connected with Users Through Notifications and Emails

Any successful relationship is successful because of the communication and contact. The goes with app-to-user relationships that are no different in this sense. If you are looking for enhancing the app’s retention rate, you should stay in touch with your users through email and remarket and push notifications.

Apps that are popular mainly use mix channels to keep in touch with their users like they use push notifications for short-term contact, email for weekly updates and remarketing using Facebook Ads or Google Adwords to connect with users that were active earlier.

No matter how strong your relationships are as without regular contact, even they can also break down. So, always stay in touch with your users using different channels and you can see a definite boost in your retention and engagement metrics.

So, these are the top five ways through which you can decrease the churn rate of your mobile application and boost revenue. 

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