Paul Simmons
Paul Simmons 13 February 2017

8 Tools For Automated Social Media Marketing

In today’s era, marketing online without using the instruments of social media is like using a bucket without a bottom. Social media is your salvation to improved visibility, reach and exposure, the one thing that will fill the vacuum and kill the friction in your marketing efforts.

Have you ever felt a resistance in your marketing efforts? Or maybe a vacuum that doesn’t seem to get smaller? If you own an online presence to expose, market and sell your content, then you must have heard about social media marketing. In today’s era, marketing online without using the instruments of social media is like using a bucket without a bottom. Social media is your salvation to improved visibility, reach and exposure, the one thing that will fill the vacuum and kill the friction in your marketing efforts.

According to the latest statistics, social media has a 100% increased lead-to-close rate compared to outbound marketing. Its probably the reason why more than 84% B2B marketers deploy their marketing strategies through social media. It doesn’t matter what or to whom you sell, social media marketing is a versatile platform that is capable of addressing every niche with remarkable results.

Need for Social Media Management

Social media management has become one of the most important channels to expose, engage and sell content. Due to these tendencies, ecommerce has been in good terms with social media platforms since their infancy to what we see today. Marketers are able to flow their content more freely and effectively on these channels without compromising their budget.

However, having an active presence on the most popular social media platforms needs a lot of hired resources at the disposal. Every platform requires a dedicated resource to manage the content according to its rules and regulations. To reap benefits from every social media network at its highest potential without losing all your marketing budget to hired resources, it becomes imperative to consider other solutions that are cost effective. Thanks to these 8 Social Media tools, you can now automate tasks and without spending budget on resources or renting an expensive workspace for your department.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Over the past few years, technology and ingenuity have made it possible for developers to create several applications and tools that are capable of taking on the same tasks single handedly that were once managed by an entire team or marketers. These tools provide means manage content by sharing it, gathering feedback, responding to users, monitoring analytics and creating campaigns for far better engagement and improved conversion rates.

In this article we have gathered a list of 8 most popular tools for social media marketing that allow management of multiple platforms, top notch features, user friendly experience and user analytics.

1. Leadfeeder


Your visitors can breeze through your content, interact with it and even consume. Leadfeeder works in the background by connecting your onsite Google Analytics with all your visitor’s off site social media profiles. This helps you get exposure to different types of traffic you are receiving and along with their interests and motives. All the information youreceive form their social media profiles can be used to build marketing campaigns, segment your content, and change store fronts according to the regions and preferences of customers.

2. Notifier


Outreach is a highly effective practice in preaching content while building connections with peers and contributors. While you build your content and and publish it on your or a guest’s website, mentioning the sources and connection that benefitted you is a healthy practice for getting clean and organic leads.

With the help of Notifier, all you need to do is enter the URL into any article you have published and Notifier will find those users mentioned by you based on their Twitter profiles and line them up for shared through Buffer. It instantly helps you spreads your content on social media profiles without breaking a sweat.

3. Socedo


Marketers have always been in search for a tool to automate prospecting and report key metrics. Because of the absence of right gear, the bottom line benefits of lead generation on social media platforms is often overlooked. Socedo works on similar principles used by Leadfeeder, by gathering intel on Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so you can devise your marketing strategies on better scales with more accuracy. The robust reporting through Socedo’s analytics helps linking content directly with popular and top ranking platforms such as HubSpot. This helps you grade your campaigns with regards to how effective they have been in producing engagement and conversions.

4. Yotpo


User feedback not only helps you discover what your customers want, but also creates a marketing loop to generate conversions. With the help of reviews, comments, testimonials and queries etc, you can show people’s word of mouth who have already used your products and services and are willing to vouch for them. Quite Similar to Magento Facebook Login, Yotpois a tool that allows you to share these reviews on your ecommerce and social media presence without compromising any negative feedback that you might have received. Yotpo also attracts users to share their feedback by incentivizing them through bonuses and coupons.

5. Buffer


You can use it for literally any social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest etc. Its extremely user friendly with loads of features to offer. The simplistic design allows efficient management of tasks such as posting and sharing on daily basis while you can also track user engagement metrics. Added functions and tools include Pablo, a free image creation and editing tool to introduce appealing images for your social media posting. You can choose images from the library or upload them from your device in PNG and JPED formats.

6. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is an all in one management tool that works your daily desk tasks and giving them exposure to more than 25 social media networks. It gives your ecommerce a healthy dose of engagement, consistent workflow, scheduled publishing, campaign management and analytics. You can oversee all your tasks from an independent dashboard while responding to messages, creating campaigns, communicating with your resources. One of its most effective features is content sharing on the basis of your user’s demographics, region, interest and other preferences. This helps you target your posts more productively in regions, groups and communities, making it an ideal social media posting solution for user specific content.

7. Spredfast


Spredfast enables users to oversee online conversations with the help of keyword searches. But more importantly, its the perfect answer to managing multiple social media sites withaccuratecontent publishing on a customizable time schedule.Spredfasthas shownunparalleled results in its reporting features. It producescomprehensive analytics reports with all the data neatlyarrangedand formatted with graphics so you may export it without any hassle.

The dashboard is highly impressive and shows everything that takes place across your social media pages. You can track all the activity from the type of content that is being shared, to the channels that respond to it the best.

8. Sendible


Sendible gathers content such as posts, comments and reviews from sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and unites them under one roof for easy management and response practices. All the posts gathered are analyzed while those messages that require urgent attention are placed on top priority so immediate responses can be generated. This prevents conversion leakages and improves user experience.

It allows you tostrengthen your marketing strategies by tracking social media trends, user feedback and customer statistics. It also allows you to approach customers and communicate with them is a much more professional and productive manner.

Author Bio: Paul Simmons is a CMS Extensions Developer with 7 years of experience in PHP development at FMEaddons – an eCommerce development company with Top tier extensions and themes for popular shopping cart platforms like Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, & Joomla.

Michael Huffman
Michael Huffman

Great list!
I would like to recommend one more social media tool - Snoopreport It tracks user actions on Instagram as likes, comments and follows and provides weekly and monthly reports with metrics useful to update social media marketing campaigns

Tammy T.
Tammy T.

Hi, I read your article "10 must have social media marketing tools for 2018" - it's a great article, really helpful! It’s a bummer you didn’t include Kontentino though – it’s an intuitive social media tool tailored for agencies and their clients and it’s making team collaboration and content approvals more effective. Maybe we will make it into your next list :)

Oliver Bock
Oliver Bock

Nice list. Some links would be nice though.

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