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Ashley Carter 21 February 2017
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4 Stat's That Show The Importance Of Mobile Marketing

There are still companies that don't make mobile marketing an important part of their stratagy to educate and influence customers. If your business hasn't adopted a mobile marketing plan then these four statistics should convince you to start one.

About 10 Percent of Americans Rely on Smartphones for Internet Access

If mobile marketing isn't part of your business's overall marketing strategy, then you're probably not reaching the 10 percent of Americans who rely on their smartphones for internet access. According to the Pew Research Center, 10 percent of Americans own smartphones but don't have other forms of high-speed internet access in their homes. That means they almost exclusively use their phones to go online.

This statistic becomes even more important when you look at the related data. An additional 5 percent of Americans say they own smartphones but have limited ways to get online. They don't exclusively use their phones for internet access, but it's their main option.

If your business wants to attract young consumers, you should consider that 15 percent of Americans between 18 and 29 years old say they are heavily dependent on their phones for online access.

Consumers Spend More Time on Mobile Devices Than Desktop Computers

As recently as 2008, the average American adult only spent 18 minutes using their mobile device to access the internet. During the same year, Americans spent 2.2 hours viewing digital media on their laptop and desktop computers.

Things have changed over the last eight years. In 2013, Americans reported that they spent the same amount of time consuming digital media on mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers (2.3 hours each). By 2015, Americans were accessing 2.8 hours of digital media on their smartphones per day while they spent 2.4 hours on their desktop and laptop computers.

Researchers expect this trend to continue. Considering that, for example, the LG G5 has a 5.3-inch Quad HD high-contrast display that works just as well in daylight as in the dark, it makes sense that more people would rely on their mobile devices than their laptops. It certainly doesn't hurt that phones like the LG G5 have long battery lives that can last up to nearly 22 hours during active use.

87 Percent of E-Commerce Sales Take Place on Mobile Devices

E-commerce has helped small and large businesses serve more people all over the world. If you're not using a mobile marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website, then your company isn't making the most of this opportunity.

One study shows that 87 percent of e-commerce sales take place on mobile devices. People aren't shopping on their desktop and laptop computers. They're using their smartphones and tablets to compare products and place orders.

There Are More Mobile Devices Than People

In 2014, The Independent reported that there were more mobile devices than people in the world. At the time, the world had a population of between 7.19 and 7.2 billion people. During the same year, there were 7.22 billion mobile devices in the world. The newspaper also reported that the number of mobile devices was growing five times faster than the human population.

Obviously, this doesn't mean that every person in the world has more than one mobile device. It's more likely that people in wealthy nations own several devices. Regardless, the data shows that mobile phones, tablets, and similar devices have become extremely important all over the world. If you want to reach a global market, then you need to participate in mobile marketing.

The growth of mobile devices over the last decade sounds surprising, but it makes sense when you look at the people in your life. Practically everyone uses a smartphone throughout the day. When you see the numbers, though, you can't deny that all these mobile devices should play an important role in your company's marketing strategy.

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