Chloe YANG
Chloe YANG 14 December 2017

Infographic - Marketing Tips for Live Streaming on Social Media

Live Streaming, as a new type of video, is getting more and more popular as it gives users instant reply and a feel of authenticity. Live Streaming also offers an effective and quick way for brands to reach their clients. Check this article to know how to take good use of live streaming for boosting your business.

The times are changing rapidly, and keeping in touch with these changes can mean the difference between the failure and success of your social media strategy. Live streaming is one of the hottest social media trends in 2017, and for that reason increasing numbers of brands choose to use it as a marketing tool. Furthermore, live videos are watched up to three times longer than regular videos, which suggests that investing in the production of promotional videos may no longer be as profitable as it once was.

The Filmora's infographic reveals facts that suggest that live streaming could be the future of social media marketing and if you'd like to learn why scroll down and get all the information you need in order to create a marketing campaign that will increase the sales of your products. We would love to hear your opinion, so let us know what you think in the comments and hit share if you liked our infographic. 


Little Known Facts About Live Streaming

Live streaming seems like it has been around forever, but as a matter of fact, the first live streaming app has been launched only six years ago. In such a short period of time, almost all of the largest social media platforms included this feature into their services.

Live streaming is also one of the largest growing industries that could be worth $70 billion by 2021. 63% of Millennials watch live content, which means that live streaming is a gateway to a huge market already, and its importance as a social media marketing tool can only continue to grow.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Advertising Through Live Streaming

Social networks such as Facebook or YouTube have reached record numbers of daily users in 2017, and coincidentally they are also among the most popular platforms for live streaming. 45% of Facebook's market share belongs to live stream videos, while 44% of YouTube's market share is occupied by live videos.

These numbers clearly show that live stream videos are already a powerful advertising tool that enables brands to increase the sales of their products. Authentic content is the best way to reach out to new clients, and live streaming can help you present your brand as unique and different from its competitors.

How to Choose The Best Social Media Platform For Your Brand

Knowing who your ideal customers are, and which social media platforms they use will enable you to pick the social media platform that best fits the target group you want to reach. For example, Facebook is the best place to reach younger generations, while Instagram is better for brands that want to establish a connection with older generations.

The statistics show that there are more women are on Facebook than men, and if you'd like to offer your products to ladies Facebook is clearly a much better choice than YouTube where the majority of users are males. Filmora's infographic can help you get a better idea how to select the social media platform that will fit your online marketing strategy and it will also allow you to get a better idea of how live stream videos can be used to reach a wider audience for your products.

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