Shyam Bhardwaj
Shyam Bhardwaj 11 April 2017

Leveraging the Power of Voice through Taglines

“Stand out from the crowd” is a five word tagline, but says more than just those five words. Yes, not all of those words really help the mission and focus of the message to people, but they all work together to deliver one powerful voice.

Many of us treat a tagline as a way to describe our website. We either say what our content is going to deliver or we simply just explain the name of our blog.

You want to be boring, unoriginal, and just clutter the blogosphere?

I hope not. I push for bloggers and people in general online to truly be who they are and replicate that through all of their online actions and the ultimate beginning it having a tagline that’s powerful and speaks your voice. My tagline describes my energy, desire, and push for people to be happy and be noticed online. I push myself to do the same and it shows I do just that inside my content.

Surely, there’s a secret to creating the ultimate tagline for your blog. It’s you, your message, and ultimately how you want your blog to be memorable.

Delivering Your Message with Power

Taglines are important. Without them we would have to write a very long blog name or there would be many blogs named, “Read My Content and Hear My Voice”. Yes, that might be extreme but the point is is that if your tagline is weak it’s almost like you have no tagline at all.

We want to make our message clear, but not too clear (obvious). Does your blog have a tagline such as:

  • An Entrepreneur Blog
  • Making Money Online
  • Blogging About Technology
  • If so, consider changing it. You’re not delivering your message with power. You are delivering the message that simply would say, “received your message” in a text message or email inbox.
  • Be creative and James Chartrand, in her post on CopyBlogger says to think about the benefits that anyone coming to your blog will gain. Along with being creative, clear, and powerful at the same time you need to think about your voice.

Listening to Your Own Voice

Your voice is ultimately the number one thing that makes a blogger truly and always stick out and be known. Their style of writing. Their focus. Their relationship with the content.

But, so many bloggers feel that by just them putting their name on a post or blog shows their voice. Well, this might be true if you have a community that talks about you and their chatter is essentially your voice.

Problem is that while you still might have this, there is still new community members. How are they going to truly know your mission and voice. Everyone first goes to the tagline to get a general sense and that is when they determine whether to stay or not. Surely an active and high quality community does help to attract them, but no tagline and your community then has every right and power to redefine you and your blog. Be careful!

It’s about you helping them and being yourself. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you truly believe in?
  • What is a problem you currently see and how can you make a difference?
  • You have hidden talents, now how are you going to make people notice them?
  • What’s your true devotion and desire at the end of the day?

These are just some. The point is that your tagline has to be original and you have to stand by it 101% in your content and community engagement in order for it to be powerful.

Make and Leave Your Mark

It could also be, building your true influence with people. Just look at the 30 most influential people online. Each of them have a distinct place on the web. When digging through the origin of how they got this far it would come down to their very own personal mission statement. That mission statement is a tagline.

Stick to It or Rebrand

Once you’ve taken another look at your tagline and find your content and voice to not match up, rebranding is a must. Why? Search Engine and Branding Optimization expert responds to it:

  • You’ve gotten people to read and join something you don’t have a strong voice in anymore
  • Your true supporters and community will thank you later
  • You will be happier and more successful!

There is never a good time to really rebrand, except the sooner the better. If this is you, get to work, and hustle!

Your tagline is your engine.

If not, stick to your tagline and center all aspects of your blog around that tagline.

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