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Asad Ali 9 November 2016
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Web Design Elements Influencing Conversion Rate

Here are a few ways you can add fuel through web designing to set your conversion rate on fire.

Nothing is worse than giving all you have but barely getting anything back in return. You have offered almost every product, they’re attractive and have got that spark in them; yet your conversion rate is next to nothing. 

It is true when we say “an amazing product can sell itself”, but only in a physical store rather than a virtual one. Let’s face it, if the “add to cart” or “buy now” button is absolutely invisible to customers or navigation seems close to impossible; you’re seriously doing something wrong. 

Here are a few ways you can add fuel through web designing to set your conversion rate on fire! 

1. What kind of impression does it give at first sight?

Step back and take a look at your website. Is it all you hoped for? Did you cross out every important point possible after you were done designing? Does it appear like something you would want to keep visiting? Does it look like it would impress you at first sight?

If you didn’t get confused between all those questions and actually came up with an answer for each one, then at least you know where you stand. 

It takes 0.05 seconds to make an impression on a new visitor in which they make a final statement about your site depending on whether they would like to stick around or not. As long as their time exceeds that, you are closer to reaching the safe zone. 

Long story cut short, the visualization needs to be appealing enough to put their mind at ease and at the same time make them comfortable enough to stay longer and check things out at least. Keep a constant check and balance on the font, size, colors, spacing, symmetry, amount of content, structure and background etc. 

Other than that, work on the institution’s logo, whether navigating is possible or not, is searching convenient, imagery, content, and the bottom of the website. These are spots where visitors are most likely found haggled with. 

2. Can I Navigate through or Access things easily? 

Next up in line is the navigation and accessibility of the site. If your customers decided to stay after viewing the website, there is yet another obstacle that can lead them to abandonment. There is a fine line between perfection and destabilization as you create a seamless navigation system that exhibits easy of use. 

Try highlighting a few of the main features you have to offer, but in a rather subtle matter to avoid making your visitors feel overwhelmed with a zillion features they have no idea what do about. 

Also, try to avoid making the mistake of becoming an over-classified site. It annoys the customer as it takes them too long to find what they are looking for. Maintain a balance as much to keep things normal but useful at the same time. 

3. Does the ‘Call to Action’ literally call you to it?

A call to action basically refers to a button that marks the type of response you intend to achieve from your customers. For example, a “Subscribe now”, “Buy Now” or “Add to cart” and “Start my Free Trial Today!” marks the few types of call to actions most commonly used. 

Ultimately, each element you add to your website leads to increased conversion rates. Just take a look at the facts to get a clearer look; a direct contact number, the home page or any other for that matter has all the emphasis on one button that the page is centered on, a pricing page, and multiple transaction options listed in the navigation bar at the top. 

4. Is the wait too much to bear?

If your page is overloaded with too many heavy high resolution images, it will take longer to load. The longer the wait, the more the disappointment and that leads to a loss in customers. To avoid that for a little while, we might focus on other aspects of the site like upgrading the design, or adding new features in along with some more content. And this might seem attractive to you but it won’t measure up to the amount of irritation they might be going through just because the page is taking longer to load than it should. 

If time really is money, they could care less about all the functions and appearance if it took half a century just to load it all. 

If it takes only 10 seconds for a visitor to judge what your business is about and what it is you are selling and whether it is worth spending time on, then I think you’re losing way more than you actually thought of. Similarly, Smartphone users expect the website to open in no less than 5 seconds because the design is supposed to be half of what the desktop version is. 

You won’t believe how a 2-second delay could become the death of a perfect sale; that is as long as it takes for a potential buyer to take a step back and rethink their decision. 

The amount of lost sales from abandoning shopping carts that have attributed to slow pages is roughly $3 million. 

Meeting your customers’ expectations might seem difficult but no, it isn’t impossible. 

So start by trying to:

  • Reduce the size of your page
  • Avoid usage of PNG images
  • Strip out unnecessary junk files, i.e. thumbnails, palette entries etc. 
  • Minimize the number of page requests
  • Avoid distant business, i.e. if your business is one city, but your customers are half way across the world

5. How is the mobile website coming along? 

Looking at the advancement in technology these days, everyone is taking things to their phones. The most efficient way to score extra points is through an experience integrated browsing like no other! Even though it is a concept relatively new to take shopping to a next level, it has generated quite the sales in the past few years. 

All the latest generation tech savvy customers seem to rely on it more than your average desktop versions. Either an app designated for your company or just mobile optimized website seems to be more than enough to get them started. As long as it is responsive and doesn’t take forever to load, consider yourself at the top of their list. 

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