Abdaraouf Zouai
Abdaraouf Zouai 17 November 2016

It's a Match! Marketing and Tinder Like Each Other

Hey I just met you and this is crazy. Here's my Tinder, swipe right maybe? I’m sure you have heard of Tinder, right? Perhaps even tried your luck with it a few times? Well let’s pretend you have never heard of Tinder (deletes app quickly).

What if I told you that Tinder is superb, and perhaps an overlooked social media channel, for marketing and branding campaigns? Do you remember rolling your eyes and sighing a deep sigh of dubiety at Twitter for Marketing or Snapchat as a gimmick for Marketing? Pay attention and swipe up, I’ll tell you why Tinder is awesome for marketing.


Tinder is location-based ‘dating’ app that allows users to create new relationships and meet new people by matching with them. You scroll through the plethora of profiles and either swipe left to reject the profile or swipe right to indicate your interest. If that same person also swipes right then presto, you have a match! You can then chat to one another once a match is made. 

Tinder is an unorthodox way of marketing and connecting with the Millennial fish in the digital sea, but hey love is crazy and spontaneous that way. There are a number of creative and attention grabbing ways to use Tinder to raise brand awareness. 

Deadpool, the movie, built up hype magnificently with an intriguing marketing campaign. From billboards with a poop emoji to making an actual Tinder profile for the Deadpool character, complete with a bio and pictures. Key takeaway here is that it certainly raised awareness, tugged at people’s emotions and let’s face it…it was funny. 


Males in attendance at the SXSW festival matched with Ava, a stunning mid-twenties female. After much Tinder courting and chit chat the men discovered that she was a robot. Her ‘profile’ was for the purpose of promoting the film Ex Machina – a clever PR stunt indeed! 


Talk about campaign catfishing! But hey, it certainly generated massive engagement. For those looking for real love, they may have been annoyed and may not have found the clever campaign so endearing. Key takeaway here is to offer something back in return as a reward for their time and courting efforts.

Eighty Twenty used Tinder, on behalf of the Immigration Council of Ireland, to create a powerful campaign and awareness about sex trafficking in Ireland. A number of profiles created show a series of images and stories depicting sex trafficking victims. With every swipe you see the impact and issue girls face. Key takeaway here is that this is a powerful, creative and clever campaign using Tinder to raise awareness about an issue.


I just want someone to look at me the way they look at Pizza! Domino’s set their doughy eyes on a Tinder campaign on Valentine’s Day which allowed users to swipe and match for delicious deals. The sizzling and cheesy chat content was promoted on their social media networks. The key takeout...I mean takeaway here is Pizza obviously (see what I did there). Oh and Tinder dates may let you down or disappoint, but Pizza is always there for you and never disappoints.


Gillett collaborated with Tinder to analyse 100,000 male Tinder profiles for the purpose of determining who received more matches - the unkempt facial hair or those who were well groomed in the face department. What were women more likely to swipe right to? Find out here. The key takeaway here is that Tinder can be used for Marketing Research and to find out more about your consumers. 


Ironically, marketing is a long term relationship and not a one night stand. Your overall marketing efforts should focus on building and nurturing long term relationships through. How do you nurture those relationships online and offline? Think of it as raising a newly born baby. Babies require commitment, consistency, education, help, regular interaction, constant feeding, attention and ‘value’ for their magical arrival into the world.

When it comes to your customers you don’t interact with and sell to them one time and then completely neglect and forget their existence. Preferentially, they will return to you over and over and over again while gushing to their friends and family about you. Remember that interaction is a two-way street and conversations are not one sided…it’s not all about you my friend. You are in a polygamist marriage with every one of your customers and you don’t want them to lose interest. Listen, listen, listen! Engage, engage, engage! 

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