Amy Cowen
Amy Cowen 10 June 2016

Equip Your Team with Tools They Need

Modern companies tentatively know the important of using different resources to ensure that they generate profits. One way to do so is by equipping their workers with the correct tools to carry out their tasks effectively.

Needless to say, social media and the internet as a whole has played an integral part in ensuring that companies effectively and reach out to their customers with ease. That is the reason why you will find companies creating a whole department to deal with social media aspects like marketing. Even so, it is of paramount importance to consider other aspects of a business’s success like content generation, by providing the relevant tools to your team. This article will spell out effective tools that you can offer to your team to guarantee success.

Contentldeator headline generator

Just as the name suggests, this tool is used for generating headlines for your content. Needless to say, the headline of any content either informative or marketing article determines the impact the content will have on the readers. Even so, apart from ContentIdeator being a headline generator, it is also useful in giving helpful ideas on what you can write. One of the best things however about this tool is that it is quite easy to use thus saving the cost and time of training your team on how to use it.


In marketing, splendour content is profane to attracting more customers. It therefore means that the content created should be free of any mistakes either grammatical or spelling. Evernote is a tool that ensures that your content is presentable to your readers. It has been crafted with numerous features that aid in editing and proofreading. Apart from that, Evenote is also an awesome content creation tool. It is widely considered to be a personal; notebook that one can easily access from any device remotely.


It’s always the norm that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is absolutely true when it comes to marketing your business. But how do you create attractive images that will negate the ewe of customers and make them want to know more of your content? Well, Canva is the solution. It is an amazing tool that helps in generating custom images for your content. It has features that have been created to suit even the most design challenged individual. Furthermore, it is quite easy to use and also incorporates editing features.


It’s one thing creating content and the other posting it on word press. The difference is the time it takes to post content on word press, which shouldn’t always be long. There are two common softwares that most people use to create cont. They are Google Docs and Microsoft Word. These two tools have impeccable features that aid in creating and editing content. However, the problem arises when posting the created content on Word press. Due to the nature of thee two softwares being incompatible with word press, there are often mistakes that arise. This will require you to further edit the content which takes a lot of time. Word2CleanHTML is a tool that aids in converting content created through Microsoft Word and Google Docs into clean HTML format that is compatible with Word press. Needless to say, it’s a big time saver.


As a community of professional content creators, Aussiewriter is a platform that specializes in providing custom content that suits your preference. It includes writers from all over the world who are well versed with the art of creating coherent yet customized content for their clients. What’s even more, compared to other online writing platforms, Aussiewriter offers its services at very low prices that are pocket friendly. Adding this tool to your team will ensure that your team will receive custom curated content on time and at low prices.


Keeping in touch with what is trending in the market is very important. This includes knowing the best designs, new competitor products and new ways of creating content. Reedsy is a community of experts in different fields who converge to share ideas on new ways. These experts include editors, freelancers, content creators and designers. Apart from being a reliable hub for sharing ideas, Reedsy further has other incredible features like project management; writing and editing that go a long way in aiding one accomplish tasks with ease. It is a great tool to offer your team to ensure constant growth of ideas that can improve a product or the company in general.


Efficiency is paramount to success in any business either big or small. Efficiency requires that all team members know what they are supposed to do at any given time. To ensure this, Trello has unique features that allow all the team members converge on one dashboard to see who is doing what. This way, the risk of a mix up is greatly mitigated thus saving time. It is a project management tool that ensures efficiency at a work place thus saving time and cost.

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