Ashley Carter
Ashley Carter 3 January 2017

4 Marketing Strategies You're Missing Out On

Are you trying to market your small business? Do you feel like you never get ahead in the face of so much competition? While others in your industry may have bigger advertising budgets, a few clever strategies can still boost your revenue and perception among your target audience. Learn about the following four marketing strategies you’re missing out on

Understand How the Headline Matters


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The subject of clickbait is controversial, but the underlying premise isn’t. Research suggests that 80 percent of readers glance at a headline, but only 20 percent of them read the accompanying article. The potential viewers that you lose thanks to dull headers can contribute to your site's bounce rate. A high figure indicates that your content isn’t exciting enough to entice people to continue reading your content.

What you need to do is simple: Change your headlines. A more engaging one will entice casual Web surfers to pay attention to the rest of the article. While you may care little about the headers, those headers are critical to the overall reception of your piece. In such cases, you’ve wasted a great deal of time writing copy that most people won’t read.

In fact, you should consider revising old content that didn’t do well. Then, change the header to something more exciting. You might turn dead articles into popular reads. Think about the value of this method. How long does writing an article take as opposed to coming up with an engaging title?

Welcome Guest Bloggers

Another way to generate content is to invite contributions from guest bloggers. Countless websites take part in a modernized version of the barter system. Contributors will write articles that you can post on your company’s site in exchange for backlinks to their sites.

The upshot of this tactic is that your website will feature consistent updates. The downside is that you will give up a level of control over your content. Some guest bloggers are better than others, so choose carefully when you have outside contributors offering you original content. You should build a list of requirements so that they know what’s expected of them in their writing. 

Embrace Social Media

One of the most noteworthy trends of the 21st century is the rise of social media. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter garner massive daily traffic. When you don’t have a presence on each one, you give up opportunities to engage potential customers. To a larger point, you’ll persuade more consumers to visit you when you present yourself well on these platforms. People love to support businesses that engage with them on a personal level.

You may believe that creating content for these sites requires too much effort, but that idea simply isn't true. A quick update is more than enough to remind customers about your company. If you’re in the restaurant industry, a picture of a great meal is enough. Construction workers can show images of the day’s work. Even business meetings can lead to great Instagram photos when you take a group shot.

All you need to do is foster the perception that you’re proud of the work that you do. You’ll generate leads that will pay dividends. For example, try to model your Twitter strategy after successful business-to-consumer companies such as Amway. This company leverages social media platforms to connect with its audience. Study its methods to improve your social media strategy.

Attend Community Events

This strategy is complementary to the social media area mentioned above. Since you want customers to know who you are and what your business represents, you need a strong presence in the community. When you rub elbows with members of the local community, you show a sense of camaraderie, one that you can’t achieve on social media.

Brief glimpses of your products are nice, but some customers are more traditional. They want to know who you are and what you stand for. Community events offer an opportunity to show that you care about your home and make an effort to meet your customers. You’ll discover no downside to attending them.

You don’t have to become a marketing expert to improve your revenue and reputation. All you need to do is use the four strategies above. They’ll provide insights about how to boost revenue while improving your status among your target audience.

Martin M
Martin M

Amway? Really Amway as an example of a success?

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