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How to Build an Online Marketing Strategy That Attracts Valuable Employees

What do you think of when you say the word “team”? Fair play, connectivity, respect, empathy, responsibility, hard work and friendship should stand at the foundation of any ideal team. So, it is no surprise that when it comes to finding a new member of your team again, you should spare no efforts in searching the perfect fit for the missing puzzle piece.

However, the standard Curriculum Vitae forms are not conveying any human message through their stiff format. The skills and work experience are there, but these are just words, and you don’t get to know where exactly a particular candidate stands for the “problem solving” skill. This is why you must start working proactively. You don’t wait for candidates to find you, you find them. Having the Internet and an amazing marketing team on your side will set you up to the best strategies out there to find the perfect team member. Here come the most effective ways to make your team whole again.

The Hunted Becomes the Hunter

It’s not about what you want anymore. It’s about regarding good candidates as if they were clients that must be convinced that your product is suitable for them. When it comes to recruitment, your product is the image of your company.

Start from ground zero. First things first: you must know exactly what you are looking for in your future employee. Draw a character chart of the ideal person. Take the values that are respected by your company and your team as guidelines. The new member of your team must protect the company culture you created through hard work, and not impose other rules from day one.

Find the features that help a person adapt to your organization and write them down. Better yet, involve the team with the missing member in the process. Brainstorm with them what the ideal candidate should have as skills and aptitudes. Your team knows best what kind of person they can rely on.

This character chart will become the persona of your ideal employee.

Inbound Marketing Is the New Recruitment Marketing

Nowadays, the departments of any company must blend perfectly with one another if they want to stand on top of the game. Just like the production department mixes with the tech department, the marketing department with customer care, it also must coordinate perfectly with the HR department when it comes to hiring. And there’s no better kind of marketing to plan your recruiting plan on than inbound marketing.

Another thing of utmost importance is putting yourself in the candidate’s shoes. What would your first step be when you decide you want a new job? The first thing would be an online research of what the recruiting market can offer you.

“We are hiring” is your new website page

Inform the world about your new job posting through your website. Create the page of “We are hiring” and personalize it to the likes of your perfect candidate. Here is where the voice of your company gets heard.

Avoid the formal, objective and robotlike idioms that most recruiters resort to in order to save up time and imagination.  Leave them to the hiring platforms.

Adopt a style closer to the candidate persona. If your job position requires creativity as the main skill, use out of the box copywriting strategies to inspire the readers, like storytelling, the true paths that your employees have taken from a funny or inspirational angle. If your position is all about IT, find the inside jokes of your IT team and put them in writing.

Don’t forget to mention the benefits that your company provides to employees, career opportunities and the set of skills any candidate must possess.


It’s high time you polish your brand and upgrade it to an ideal environment for prospective candidates. Give your HR team access to all the marketing tools. Start by taking the company’s blog by storm. Apply your company values and the features of your employee’s persona to new articles and create quality content marketing.

In these articles, you should clearly describe the past, the present and the future ghosts of your company. What great accomplishments your team has achieved by now, what kind of training your employees have enjoyed, how numerous your team buildings are, what projects you are undergoing right now, and where is your company headed. Focus on the benefits, the actual work environment, work policies and values. Recreate your company through copywriting.

Most importantly, don’t sweeten anything. Present your offer as it is, with its good and bad parts. Otherwise, the candidates will create the wrong image of your company, and your future employee will leave shortly after their employment.

Spread quality content throughout the web

Post your content regarding the job position on every blog or website you find. Write suitable articles that fit blogs like LinkedIn, Medium, or others of the same niche. For example, let’s take a look at the Lowes job application. It provides more information than a standard job application does, which leads to a quality piece of content marketing. The article informs the readers on useful aspects of the position (schedule, contact information, opportunities, application process, etc.).

Provide less information about your position and more useful tips for candidates to find their next perfect job. Just mention your opening as one of their suitable choice, but also provide other online materials appropriate for job seekers.

There are also some unconventional platforms to publish your job offer on. Reddit, for example, puts in lots of effort to keep its massive community genuine by getting rid of spammers. So, you should consider Reddit as a quality platform to find an ideal candidates

Social Media

Social media pages can be very useful recruiting tools. If the posts that announce your opening are strong, they will be spread across the web like the word of mouth works in the real world.

Your focus on the social media pages is not the candidate, though. You should create appealing content that is easy to share on personal social media profiles. So, you must also target the friends of your candidates who can act as a bridge between your prospective employees and your company.

Create bits of easy to digest content, like inspirational or funny posts that must always be followed by a suitable illustration. Give your design team the freedom to play with their skills a little bit and create wonderful infographics that are easy to share.

Your posts shouldn’t extend to a large number of words, but express one of the values of your company at a time in maximum 20 words. Insert in each post the link to your online page where your candidates can apply for your position. Soon, people will start sharing your posts on their profiles or tag their friends who are searching for employment opportunities.


Let’s face it, good candidates with ideal skills and traits are hunted by all the big corporations. What can set you apart as the better choice is the way you take care of your team. So, make sure that every online channel you have access to perfectly communicates what you have to offer.

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