Stuart Marler
Stuart Marler 11 April 2016

How To Use An SEO Agency To Boost Your Rankings

If you do not trust an SEO agency to take over complete control of your digital marketing, why not use them to help your digital marketing campaign to rank better, improve your branding and optimise your website?

Using an SEO agency to boost your rankings can be the most cost effective method for your business marketing campaign.

What Do I Mean – Use an Seo Agency To help with Rankings?

Well, if you know you need help, but are just holding back – maybe due to trust or budget, take on the help of an SEO agency to boost your rankings to do a number of tasks. These can be important edits to your website, help with fixing errors in coding, full optimisation of your site, social media work or writing and improving your content marketing, downloadable pdfs, news articles and blogs.

So what could you partly outsource?

Search Engine Optimisation:

This would cover the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Using relevant keywords, create TITLE Tags
  • Create engaging Description Tags
  • Ensure Heading Tags are correctly optimised.
  • Correctly label images ALT TEXT for search engines.

Content and Blogs

This sounds quite ridiculous doesn’t it, after all, you know your business better than some marketing agency; right? Possibly!

The reason this could be a good idea is that a digital marketing agency will know what content works, how to optimise it and best ways to promote it. One excellent way you can work with a SEO company, is to write the content yourself, then give it to the agency to optimise, add keywords – and other relevant words, then add it to the site, with relevant links, images and a bit of glitter. Then they can promote it.

What Do You Get from Using an Seo Company This Way?

Well, several reasons really:

  1. It frees up your time to concentrate on the actual running of your business. Unless you are a mechanic, do you service your brakes on your car? No, you leave it to a professional. So what’s the difference with marketing your business?
  2. It will allow you to see how digital marketing should be done. You do not have to hand everything over to the agency. Work closely with them, provide them with powerful information – news, blogs, images – if you are a house builder – BEFORE, DURING and AFTER images of all your work.

It might cost you some of your marketing budget but will allow you to reap the rewards.

Why not try this for say 6 months? Then once you have seen how its done, the work involved on promoting your business, website and content correctly; you can take it back in-house OR highly likely agree better financial terms with the agency and probably allow them to continue the work!

But Is SEO a Waste of Time?

What? After all this and I ask this question, you may think I am going mad BUT think about it – what is the point in optimising your site, and not knowing who is engaging with it? Who is reading your content?

If your website gets 2000 visitors per month, with an average bounce rate of 50% (most sites are much higher) what happens to the other 50% of visitors? Where do they go? What do they look at? Download? These are your potential customers, wouldn’t it be great to capture these and nurture them into hot sales leads?

Are You Fed up with SEO – Then Try Inbound Marketing 

Inbound Marketing can absolutely improve lead generation from your website with the use of content and email marketing. This will attract visitors to your site who will then nurtured until they become into hot leads which will be passed on to your sales team.

This service uses marketing automation to send relevant information to those that have already shown an interest in your services. With the use of email marketing your digital marketing company can nurture potential customers interest in your company. They will work with you to provide relevant information to these target visitors, who will then be given a lead score. Once they reach a certain score, we can pass these leads as warm to hot leads to your sales team. No longer are your sales team making cold calls, but warm calls to targeted contacts who already know a lot about your business, what you do, case studies, and most importantly how you can help them with their problems.

How will your digital marketing company know that somebody is interested in your business? They provide powerful and informative content to be found by those actively looking for your products/services. The potential customer will have a “pain point” a problem – so they will look on the internet for the solution to their problems. Your content will be fully optimised, and posted to those areas your target customers are looking – forums, social media, Google, LinkedIn groups etc. Once they find the content, your marketing company will subtly ask for their contact details, name and email address, before they can access the full article/paper!  Once we have this information they can monitor their journey through your site – which pages they look at, what content they read, which files they download (for later reading!!) and more – and so then they can send them further relevant content – content marketing at its most powerful!

Inbound Marketing Uses SEO Services

There is no getting away from SEO – it is powerful, it is needed but as part of an Inbound Marketing service, it is a tool for getting the site and content found by those actively looking for your services. Gone are the days, or should be long gone by now, that people only use SEO services – for what – to send out lots of content, articles, Pdfs and social media posts, to an audience who may or may not read or engage with it? Why promote to the masses when you can target your key audiences, your target customers with content that they WANT?! Then when they engage and interact, give them more RELEVANT content, so they will want to sign up for your information, to know more about your business and HOW you can help them!

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