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5 Tips To Boost Cooking Videos With Videopath

We've compiled 5 key elements your Videopath cooking video should have in order to captivate your viewers and motivate them to act.

So you’ve decided to make a cooking video showcasing your products or services as part of your content marketing strategy. You invest the time and resources to get the best possible production value. The footage looks great and the meal looks totally tasty.

But once this video is complete, how do you actually encourage your viewers to spend time on your video, to explore more about your products, and potentially buy what you’re selling?


Videopath – our interactive video format – helps your viewers navigate through the steps of the recipe, double check ingredients, find out more about a product featured in the video and, if they get excited about this product, even buy it – directly in the player.

This interactive experience delivers a very high engagement rate:

25 – 50% of Videopath viewers click on at least one marker on average and viewers are significantly more likely to buy a product through a Videopath overlay than through a YouTube annotation.

Below, we’ve compiled 5 key elements your Videopath cooking video should have in order to captivate your viewers and motivate them to act.

1. Share A List Of Your Ingredients That Can Be Accessed At Anytime

A simple, yet important task. One of the first markers should contain a list of the ingredients you will be using. You can create this in the project builder by adding a text content block.

Add an image and call to action (see why in step 4) to complete the overlay.

By doing that you solve a major problem of cooking videos. You don’t force your viewers to leave the player or scroll down to the description section of the video to get the necessary information.

They can now access this information anytime without leaving the player. Plus viewers love this feature!

2. Add A Online Shop To The Video

Why not bring the entire shop into your video! By adding the URL of your online shop website to the overlay, you give your audience an opportunity to buy.

Your viewers can add products to their shopping cart, within the video player. This creates an incredibly short customer journey and encourages higher conversion and sales.

3. Include A Social Channel Overlay

Social channels are great ways to engage with your audience, give your product a human voice, and keep your customers coming back.

With Videopath, you can bring your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest channel into the overlays and gain followers, likes and loyalty directly in the player.

4. Use Calls To Action In Video

We offer a button feature in the overlays that allow you to guide your viewers to external links, such as 3rd party websites, or other content. Each marker can also act as a call-to-action.

Try adding a marker called “buy now,” “sign-up,” or “tell us what you think” and link this to content such as a shopping cart, sign-up sheet, or survey.

Encourage your viewers to act on your content without ever leaving the video.

5. Mix Up The Content

While marketers sometimes have a tendency to focus only on the CTA and conversion factor, we recommend mixing up the type of content you add to the overlays.

For example, add the ingredients list, a couple of photos, a wikipedia entry, your shopping cart, your Facebook page and a blog post. This mixture of content offers viewers a rich viewing experience where clicking and curiosity is rewarded by additional relevant information, new context to the video, or practical insights.

And as you know, an engaged viewer is a happy viewer, and one who is far more interested in buying what you are selling.

Once you have built a well-thought out interactive cooking video, let the curiosity of your viewers drive the engagement: let them choose the next step or the next piece of information they would like to check out, and let them buy or sign-up right in the player.

With these tips, you should be able to make full use of what Videopath has to offer.

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