Christina Mayer
Christina Mayer 6 February 2015

Breaking The Norm: The Customer Isn't Always Right

We all know the phrase, "the customer is always right", but is that still true?

Let’s learn the truth and break the norm of this confusing quotation/saying!

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“Remember, the customer is always right!” I’ve been seeing (and hearing) this again and again. I still remember when I started marketing and someone would post this big template of that old saying on the wall at my side. For that moment, I wondered secretly if that marketer’s oath/curse/saying is really true to the roots. I mean, could it really be that possible? Are your customers always right?

Don’t misunderstand me, dear marketers. I know how important our customers are in our business. I’ve already written various blogs and articles telling how traffic can help you on your business, but I don’t see any reasonable explanation behind that superiority. I know that online marketing is always about your viewers, your readers and your traffic. I’ve already said it once or twice (or eve 10 times) that without your traffic, you’re website will be useless and futile. But look, if you really want to run your business smoothly, you must have a complete balance in your decisions, especially when it falls down to either your customer or your well-loved staff. What could happen in your business if you let your customers own you (without giving a justifiable answer)? Read on and find out.

Your customers will be abusive – If that ever happens to your brand, then get ready for dozens of reports and assignments that will force you to investigate even the smallest spec of argument from your viewers. When your viewer’s discover that they will be always right, they will surely use this as an argument to counter your statements. You’ll get into the wrong side of the coin and BAM! Sooner or late you’d be losing your sales completely.

Brand reputation will be on the line – On an argument, there are no good guys and bad guys. Because in an argument, there’s only right or wrong. Get on the wrong side (without any defense) and you’ll get your reputation nudged. Get on the right side and the public will still love you.

Self-esteem will be damaged, lowering your brand output – Morale is one of the things that a brand holds on whenever they serve their website traffic. Slowly losing your morale from biased arguments will affect your self-esteem, which can lead to poor outputs and lower satisfactory rating from your customers.

It’s harder to find a good staff member than a good customer – I’m not saying that customers are not that important when it comes to sales. But the main point here is that most of the time, your staff members are the common victims of biased decisions towards your customers. Get an argument, customer blames staff, staff gets depressed, poor output, BAM! Lose sales and conversions in no time! But remember; be reasonable with your “biased” decisions when it comes to your business.

Be fair and equal when it comes between your customers and your own business. You know your business’ limits. Converse but not argue because in marketing, both sides of the coin matters.

But remember; be reasonable with your bias when it comes to your business. Be fair and equal when it comes to your judgment. You know your business’ limits. Tell and not argue. That’s the best strategy of all when it comes to your customer’s queries!

About Author:

Christina Mayer is the Head Marketing Manager of Visitorz. An all in one Internet Marketing solutions company that helps webmasters to get the boost that they need for their websites. Follow us here in LinkedIn!

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