Dr. Islam Gouda
Dr. Islam Gouda 29 December 2015

Your Upcoming Campaign: Think Movie Theatres!

There comes a time when we are enjoying watching TV and then ads bombard us to the extent that we have developed certain habits of discard.

There comes a time when we are enjoying watching TV and then ads bombard us to the extent that we have developed certain habits of discard. These habits ranges from decreasing the volume, changing the channel till the ads are over, or unwillingly watch the ads while oozing off. Then there other elements that distract us while watching TV; a phone that rings, a person coming in and out, and so on.


Another way to think about it is that people don’t have much time to watch TV as before. The medium itself (though vital and is considered part of our daily life) is not as contemporary as of the people’s lifestyles and habits.


TV doesn’t allow for a chance to understand more about products advertised – it merely acts as an awareness creating tool of the product’s existence and the brand providing it. Additionally, people spend more time on the internet were social media and online became not only a source of information but entertainment as well.


A recent research done in 2014 by a company called Arris (which produces the Consumer Entertainment Index) which included more than 10,000 respondents from nineteen countries mentioned that 84% of the respondents wanted to fast forward the ads they are watching and sixty percent of them wanted to download the recorded shows for later watch and skip through the ads.



TV ads are imposed on the customers – they don’t choose to watch them, they happen to be watching a movie or maybe news and then come the commercial segment. As for Social Media on the other hand, customers choose to be on a website and click through the ads they like – they discusses brands and find more information willingly on them which makes them much more invested in the purchase process.


The problem with Social Media however, that it has been used extensively by various brands and products. Companies prefer to communicate with their customers on mass basis (even when they belong to a specific niche). When customers view ads online, they don’t interact one-on-one with the brand – there is just this barrier which takes away the feeling of the brand or the message it tries to convey.


What can really provide the experience and get closer to the customers, create an immediate experience of gratification and allows for customers to get to know more about the product or the brand are movie theatres. They are controlled environments where people choose to be there at their own time to enjoy the whole experience from the beginning to the end.


If you can remember the last time you were in the movies and you were with your family and you are few minutes late, and someone just says we will be missing the commercials! It is a package of experience that would like to enjoy as a whole. Forward thinking brands that choose to air their commercials in movie theatres they don’t only stop at the point of providing their ads on screens – the concept is not to mimic TV but to add value on the enjoyable experience customers want to consume. These brands have devised ways to capitalize on the experience in the following manner:

1: Using Guerrilla Marketing (Being memorable)

Guerrilla Marketing is the use of unconventional methods to provide information about products or brands in a fun and entertaining manner that (sometimes shocking as well), but it makes sure that the information communicated is associated with an impression for a better chance of recall.


When the concept is applied in a close and controlled environment as movie theatres, the chance for its success is even higher – customers engage in a very lively manner with the brand and get a taste of what it has to offer. Forward thinking brands connect between their ads on screen and the environment on the theatre – some use technology for much effective communication and better results.





2. Providing Gifts and Product Samples (Drive the traffic)

In a closed environment where customers choose to be there, it provides brands a chance to provide samples or event gifts to the customers for them to try. If your shop is in the same place where the movie theatre is, it would be even better as you can drive after movie traffic into your store with a location map in the goodie-bad you have provided with the product samples. It is an opportunity to be part of the entertainment process and build on it with your gifts, samples, brochures creating instant gratification about your brand. 


3:Communicating with the Customers (Real-life Communication)

It is called a movie theatre – but at the end of the day it is a theatre! If you can drop by with your employees, distribute gifts, and introduce your brand or your product that would just be amazing! What is better than being there with your customers and being part of their experience?! Movies are segmented – if your product targets children, choose a cartoon, if it is more for adults (men and women) choose a romance or an action movie.


If you want a touch point which provides experience, nothing can be better than the movie theatre. It is how the medium is controlled in addition to the element of choice where customers would just like to go there for whole shebang (with their full attention). It is as well much cost effective than any other medium and guarantees interaction and instant gratification which allows for your brand or product to be more on the top of mind.  


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