Use Social, Mobile & Location In Real Time For Live Event Promotion

I caught up with a start-up 'Promogogo' in Hoxton Square and quizzed them about their Digital Marketing Strategy.


At the Digital Doughnut September Meetup at Hoxton Square I chatted with member, Habbi from Promogogo. Their marketing tool is for live acts, to assist in campaigns while on tour. I ask Habbi some digital marketing questions on just how their start-up is using social, mobile and location in their digital marketing.

“I had a great chat with Habbi from who told me about the site they have just launched. The site ‘is a management tool for live events and entertainment. It brings together in one place ticket sales, social media and tools to create campaigns. It is designed so you see what sells tickets.’ Gotta love these digital solutions you can discuss over a beer (two for £6 – bonus). I’m catching up with Habbi again to find out more so I’ll keep you posted.”

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Canadian band Arcade Fire have used Promogogo to curate fan’s photos. ‘Upload your photos and videos from the Reflektor tour and include the hashtag #arcadefire or #reflektor to be featured in the Arcade Fire online gallery.’


Here you can see Instagram photos that have been tagged, and other photos are also continuously being discovered based on the artist’s events’ time and location - see gogoCapture. So while the bands get to discover and curate fan photos like never before, fans get to see who is else is a part of their community. Tells us more Habbi…

  • What is Promogogo?

Promogogo is created to give live acts the tools to present themselves online in the simplest and easiest way possible, while ensuring it comes across professional to their own audiences.

It is set up so you [the live act] can find otherwise unseen fan-generated content, and instantly share it on your social media or on the built-in landing page page-builder. The product is built not for marketing professionals, but for those on tour or even the artists themselves. It is so they can have a fully professional online presence in the easiest way possible, even with their limited time and resources. It needs to incorporate the fact that touring by nature spans locations that consist of different demographics. Being able to create tailored online campaigns per location in a matter of minutes can be the determining factor of how successful the tour is.

This is what the product is and does. It is therefore of the essence we lead by example, and provide quality content and campaigns across the digital spectrum. This is why we are investing our resources into ensuring the best possible quality of our online content, so by the time we will announce to the public we are available for them to use, we hit the ground running.

  • What is the nature of digital in your strategy

The product is digital so it is at the heart of our marketing strategy as well. However, what we value above all else are our personal networks and the communities we are a part of, online and offline. We know we have a very niche product so we are not trying to reach everyone. That makes for a very specific strategy that is based on relationships and ’service marketing’ more than anything else.

  • The company’s approach to social media and mobile

The short version of this is that Promogogo is created by a company called Mobilitus. For the past five years they’ve created and operated Ticketmaster’s mobile web in the US, the UK and many other countries. This modestly makes it the fourth biggest mobile ecommerce site on the planet.

Our approach to our product and our branding is: if it doesn’t work on mobile it doesn’t work. It’s as simple as that. Mobile is not a separate entity you can somehow tick of a list somewhere in your ’strategy room’. The heaviest online users are using their mobile phones.

Our perspective on social media is: it’s not necessarily the end-all be-all the hype would make us believe. It is important, but it is also important to use it thoughtfully and in a way your audience appreciates. It would be a simplification to think it can replace all other marketing.

  • How  Promogogo sees the use of digital marketing developing in the future

I think the answer to this either way is you always have to consider your audience first. Who are you trying to reach, and how can you best communicate with them in a way they appreciate? In my opinion what the digital revolution brought more than anything else was the other side of the conversation. After decades of being ’spoken to’ by the traditional media, what digital gives us as individuals is a voice. Any company would be a fool not to listen to what they’re being told.

  • The changing skills needed at Promogogo in the digital marketing place

As a young person to me ’digital’ is not separate in any way. When I talk to my friends on Facebook, I’m having a real conversation. There’s nothing I would say on the internet, neither personally nor as a brand that I wouldn’t say to their face.

I’ve been to meet-ups where there are experienced marketing folk, who have to adjust for these new tools, and I suppose I’m privileged I don’t have to be ’re-trained’ to account for this now two-way conversations.

To me the platforms are irrelevant. It’s about connecting with people who you do business with or share passion with. Online or offline doesn’t matter to me. Marketing is always the same: find the need and fill it.


Hopefully we’ll have the founders of Promogogo speak at a Digital Doughnut Meetup soon!

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