Sofia Andre
Sofia Andre 4 July 2014

10 Creative Football Ads During Brazil World Cup 2014

Get inspired by 10 creative football ads during World Cup 2014. Also get a free give away with beautiful flag icons.

The time has come, since the 12th of June the world started holding its breath for a few weeks. It doesn’t matter if you are a crazy football freak or if you are totally uninterested in sports. No championship engages people as the Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil does! The global excitement is building up, for people as well as for businesses. Since a lot of opportunities are coming up with this event, it’s more than just a world championship. The Football World Cup is actually the single greatest marketing tent pole on the planet with 3.2 billion that watched it the last time. The audience is global, engaged, excited and available for what is coming up – it’s simply a marketer’s dream, right? Yes, it’s easy for us to say, but it also comes up with a lot of challenges that are hard to counter. All brands and companies are competing for their share of voice in a global marketplace, and you will have to do the best not to become unseen.

In this post you will go through some inspirational and creative advertisements for the Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil that will help you to stand out from the crowd in your campaigns.


5 Creative Online Ads

1. Actionable copys and relevant shapes – Expekt

Credits: Expekt, created in BannerFlow

Expekt is a BannerFlow user that is engaging customers in the whole world cup championship in a great way. The inspirational of this online display ad is firstly the telling and powerful copys that are hard to miss. Despite the clearly given call-to-action button “BET NOW”, Expekt’s display ad is also calling for engagement and action by their slogan “Sharpen your game” and the centered text element. These 2 elements really invite viewers to take action, which probably turns into good conversions. It’s also another element that reappears and has a great connection to the World Cup – the football and its shape of a circle. They are merging the “e” from their logotype together with the football and are returning to this shape in the offer of this banner ad, which shows that this ad has a good continuity. Remember to make use of the inspiring parts of the Expekt display ad example, parts as text elements that creates action, and shapes that are returning and are relevant for the World Cup. Expekt did a HTML5 version with nice animations and transition effects as well.


2. Display ads with real-time data – SuperLenny

Credit: SuperLenny, created in BannerFlow

This betting display ad from our BannerFlow user SuperLenny is another example of an inspirational way of how to make use of all marketing opportunities that comes up with the Football World Cup 2014. As customers are constantly requesting relevant information according to what is trending and to up-to-date information right in this moment, this is a good way to respond it. SuperLenny is including real-time information like odds, which results in a relevant and essential display ad that is approaching the customers in a great way. Additionally, the design layout of this display ad is really attractive, and the benefits of using a contrastful and colorful choice of color are clearly shown in this example by SuperLenny. It can’t be missed what action this advertisment is looking for, right?

3. The perfect match – Unibet

Credits: Unibet, created in BannerFlow

When looking at this Unibet display ad, you will quickly and clearly associate it with the Football World Cup 2014. The green color theme in this example really harmonizes with the theme of the whole World Cup event, which directly evokes the customer with the right sport feelings and emotions. The theme of the football ad is a summery with the lush colors and the flowery details, and so is the season in Brazil right now. That is not the only great part of it – the theme also aligns with the colors of Brazil, with the colors of a football field and with the profile colors of the Unibet brand. It simply is a perfect match!

4. Harmony and depth – Betsson

Credit: Betsson, created in BannerFlow

Betsson is another igaming company that uses the opportunities of real-time information that comes with the World Cup. In this example it creates a nice balance between the emotional background image that creates a depth and the contrast to highlight the odds in orange and white. The background and the color selection on the whole banner harmonizes with orange hues and the green call-to-action that sticks out. That is just as it should be, a perfect choice!

5. Idolized famous personality – World Football Shirt

Credits: World Football Shirt

World Football Shirt shirt also has an ad example for the World Cup 2014 that partly differs from the two first examples. Firstly, this banner uses an idolized and famous personality to make its target audience pay attention to it. As I mentioned in my earlier post about “Banner Blindness”, it’s also determined by the technique of heatmaps that faces are attention-grabbing, which also applies in this banner example. It also contains a great purchase offer, which gets highlighted and impossible to miss with its brilliant red color. The call-to-action is very small though. Use faces when creating your World Cup 2014 ads and best of all, use an idolized personality that has a connection to both the event and to your target audience.

6. Funny approach – SKINS


SKINS that sells sports clothes with compression technology has a funny approach in their ads when using a leaning football plan. The use of a remarkable detail in the ad is a creative way to reach the audience and make it react, this time by the sense of humor. This ad has a clearly connection to sports and can  be used for a football event as well as the World Cup. Moreover, humor is a well known and effective approach in advertising.

7. Perspective – Canal+


CANAL+ as a television channel is broading their services to sports on the phone. They are expressing it in a creative and funny way as well,since that giant and fearsome finger gives perspective and symbolizes the use of a smartphone from another point of view.

8. Powerful and irresistble – XANGO


XANGO is highlighting the features and benefits of their energy supplements by this strong and powerful ad. It both feels alive and expressive when it catches the moment in the struggle to become the winner of the game. The darkness around it makes a great contrast to the very highlighted goalkeeper that shows the strength given by their product.

9. Less is more


Nike as a strong and well known brand can make a powerful and effective message without any need of extra fancy elements. Their brand logo is so strong that the simplicity in this ad is enough of being creative. As you probably heard before, less is more!

10. Relevant wording


Samsonite successelly found a catchy connection between football and a strong quality of their product: the defense. Once the viewer of this ad understands this connection it’s very effective. The text and what it actually says does it all to this ad, it would be nothing without it. Remember to work through your copy. Eventually you will find the perfect one.

Free give away – World flag set

If you like to create more creative football ads you can use and download our free flag set in .PNG. It’s perfect for the Football World Cup 2014!

Summary – Creative and inspirational ads for Football World Cup 2014

  • Be consistent in the design by for instance the shape and appearance of a football.
  • Create actionable customers by your text copy.
  • Include real-time messages to respond the needs of today’s customers.
  • Find the perfect match – colors and details that connects together as a whole.
  • Harmonize hues and colors in both background and elements. Also create depth by choosing a background that is both discreet and lively.
  • Approach the customer with faces and idolized personalities.
  • Use your sense of humor to get a funny approach, for instance show your product or service from another point of view.
  • Be powerful and express the effect of using your product or service.
  • Less is more. Simplicity is also a way of being creative and powerful.
  • Connect some of your qualities with the content of your ad – it will be really effective.

Last Thoughts

The Football World Cup is a huge and worldwide event with an audience that is global, engaged, excited and available for what is coming up. These creative football ads are all filled with brilliant elements to fill a need. I hope you got some inspiration and will make use of it when creating your next campaign.

Thank you joining me here in this article. May the best football country in the world win, and don’t forget to make use of the great marketing pole in the best way possible!

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