Suki Fuller

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Founder & Analytical Storyteller, Miribure




Suki Fuller, an Analytical Storyteller is Founder of Miribure a Strategic & Competitive Intelligence company. Miribure, tells the story of data by taking you on the journey from data gathering, organizing and analyzing to a point of understanding your next potential chapter.

Miribure advises businesses from startups to MNCs and investors, how better to mitigate risk and build resilience with the integration of intelligence into their core business process.

A dual citizen (UK/US) Suki has diverse experience from chemical engineering to intelligence.

Suki has lived and worked globally (EU, China, UK and US) within Academia, National Security, Law Enforcement and Private Corporations.

A noted public speaker and trainer; Suki keynotes events globally and is recognized for early adoption of new technologies in the advancement of competitive intelligence.

She is a judge and mentor at the accelerator MassChallengeUK; an Advocate for Tech London Advocates – Women in Tech, and volunteers with; Dress for Success - women’s charity.

Suki loves Penguins. 

Company Website –

Twitter – @SukiFuller

LinkedIn – Suki Fuller

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