John Ingham

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Suki-FullerJOHN INGHAM   

CEO - Music Equity




John is a creative Senior Executive and Consultant, who has been responsible for managing and delivering innovative products and services. He's fluent in telco, digital media, and innovation. His experience includes six years Head of Content at O2, developing and building several online media services, and advising senior executives on innovation.

John is not from a standard background nor is he full of standard answers. He brings creative, deep analysis and develops strategies from early ideas, then builds them with clients into ongoing services. John was also the first music journalist to write an interview with the Sex Pistols in the UK music press in 1976. He wrote for Rolling Stone, Creem and the NME, and also co-managed Generation X and the Go-Go's.

He has been a keynote speaker at events in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Cannes, Barcelona, New Orleans, and Johannesburg.


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