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Six Degrees

Six Degrees organise events and exhibitions for the Apps, Social Media Marketing, TV, Media, Telecoms, Cloud Computing and Enterprise IT industries.

We are a company committed to delivering a high quality events experience, good networking and giving value to the event ecosystems that we operate in. Our goal is to help individuals, companies and the sector as a whole to build partnerships through a series of worldwide connected events and exhibitions. All our events have a compelling line up; supported by an exhibition that facilitates networking. We want to create an environment that allows businesses to connect and maximise their exposure and networking opportunities at trade shows.

Driven by a committed team, Six Degrees uses years of experience in the conference and exhibitions industry ensuring our events meet the needs of our delegates.

Six Degrees's Events

#DMWF Conference & Expo Global 2018
16 April 2018

#DMWF Conference & Expo Global 2018

Insight from Industry Disruptors. Gain a unique perspective from over 80 industry innovators and experts from the world's leading global brands and agencies.

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