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Purple Square

Professional Services for Marketing Automation Technology 

EXPERIENCED - Purple Square's multi-functional team of expert consultants can help your business get the most out of its investment in omni-channel marketing technology. They have extensive, hands-on experience across the range of marketing automation solutions. When it comes to deploying, operating and exploiting technology to achieve your strategic marketing goals, Purple Square are the ‘go to’ team. 

COLLABORATIVE - Purple Square work alongside your project, business and IT teams to ensure that, together, we achieve your goals and objectives in a realistic time frame that works for you. Even enterprise deployments don’t have to mean lengthy, drawn-out implementation projects, with armies of consultants working in isolation to deliver a ‘black box’ solution. Their approach is quite the opposite – Purple Square's people work onsite, in collaboration with you, to ensure delivery of services and solutions that meet not just the immediate requirement but provide an understood and adopted marketing technology framework for the foreseeable future. 

EMPOWERING - Purple Square's work doesn’t end with the implementation, either. They empower their customers not just through the guidance of onsite implementation consultants, but also with our comprehensive learning and support services. Effective knowledge transfer and business/IT adoption are key factors in the success of technology implementations. Purple Square Consulting work with their clients and partners to ensure they have the skills and capabilities to continue to get the most out of their marketing software investment long after we’ve left the building.