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The Post-Pandemic Playbook to Great Customer Experiences

The Post-Pandemic Playbook to Great Customer Experiences

In this webinar session, Quadient will be talking with fellow customer communications expert, Nirva, to explore the top pains of customer communications in a post-pandemic era.

We’re entering year three of what most thought would be a two-week problem. Covid-19 sent customer expectations skyrocketing overnight, while lockdowns accelerated the need for digital transformation.

The effect is a playing field forever changed. But now, some businesses are finding that early pandemic solutions are not sustainable for keeping customers in the new new normal they have created.

Your customers keep demanding that you engage on new channels. What’s more, they expect you to predict how and when they will switch their preference.

Meanwhile, frazzled and a bit fogged after three pandemic years, customers need more gentle nudges and reminders to engage. But, sending more communications from more channels presents greater likelihood of fragmented journeys and challenges in delivering a consistent message.

Since we’re all on edge, many customers are ready to pounce on your call center when they experience this frustration, driving down employee experience in a time when employees are your most valuable resource.  

In this discussion, Tracey Whelan from Nirva and Scott Draeger from Quadient will discuss how journey mapping, omnichannel design, and critical integrations can work together to help you communicate more effectively across a wider array of channels as per client communication volumes increase. 

Linus Gregoriadis

Linus Gregoriadis, Director, London Research

An experienced digital marketing analyst, business writer and speaker who co-founded London Research in 2017. Linus spent more than a decade setting up and building the research function at Econsultancy, a digital research and training company now owned by Xeim. After leaving Econsultancy, he launched ClickZ Intelligence for B2B media company Contentive.

Scott Draeger

Scott Draeger, VP of Customer Transformation, Quadient

Scott Draeger has been focusing on helping customers around the world create omni-channel customer experiences every stage of the customer journey for over 20 years. He has travelled the world to optimize customer communications by improving CCM software products, services, and migration methodologies. He’s an Xplor Master EDP with recent coursework in business focused-AI at Northwestern University.

Tracey Whelan

Tracey Whelan, Managing Director, Nirva

Tracey is essentially a relationship builder. Savvy, assured and personable after 20 years of senior business roles in software and services, she is responsible for implementing some of the most innovative document projects in the UK. Her approach is characterised by a pioneering spirit and passionate belief in delivering unparalleled customer service.

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