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ANA Content Marketing Conference

ANA Content Marketing Conference

According to research done by ANA in partnership with The Content Council, investment in content marketing is growing robustly and now commands a substantial portion of overall marketing budgets. Recognizing the substantial growth and interest in this important topic, the ANA will convene our first-ever Content Marketing Conference.

Content marketing, at its most fundamental level, is brand-led and not an overt sales pitch. Content marketing is strategic and consumer-first, not product first. Content marketing provides editorial-minded insights and education. It contextualizes topics, using storytelling and creative to drive engagement.

Content marketing is exclusive of traditional advertising. It includes video (for websites, social media, etc.), blogs, podcasts, email marketing, internal newsletters, branded content, and more.

The event will focus on the strategy, resources, and best practices in content marketing that deepen customer relationships and drive measurable results.

Some of the high-level areas the conference will cover include: developing content strategy, measurement, social and digital amplification, content partnerships, content that drives commerce, and creativity.

This conference is for senior-level content and general marketers who want to learn beyond the basics of content marketing.

For more information regarding speakers, see here.

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