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Why Bad Data Is Hurting Your Business – And How Can You Fix It

Why Bad Data Is Hurting Your Business – And How Can You Fix It

In this webinar, Workbooks will review the impact that bad data is having on the performance of your business such as negative customer experience, poor targeting and personalisation, ineffective sales cycle, wrong decision making and more.

Using real-world examples, they will then discuss how you go about fixing the quality of that data.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to build and use a 360° view of your data to transform your sales and marketing
  • How to implement effective tools & processes to continually improve data
  • A roadmap of how to achieve better data quality

Join Workbooks on 21st July at 3pm (10am EST) to find out how bad data is affecting your business and get practical tips from two recognised industry leaders on the methodologies you need to address the issue and stay ahead of the competition.


John Cheney - CEO, Workbooks
A Software-as-a-Service pioneer, John Cheney launched one of the first software as a service companies back in the late 1990s.

He is a successful entrepreneur with over thirty years experience in the IT industry; twenty of which have been running IT companies in Europe and North America.

Prior to Workbooks Online, John founded two previous successful SaaS security companies. He founded BlackSpider Technologies in 2002 and successfully grew the company to become an award-winning provider of in-the-cloud email and web security services to over 2,500 organisations world-wide before the company was bought by SurfControl in 2006. John then led marketing and product management at SurfControl and was a key member of the senior management team which led the Company through to its acquisition by Websense in October 2007.

Prior to BlackSpider, John was the Founder and CEO of Activis, a managed security services company which was acquired by Articon-Integralis in 1999. Activis was a leading provider of managed firewall and VPN services in North America and Europe, winning awards from SC Magazine for its services and Frost and Sullivan for its business strategy.


Martin Doyle - CEO, DQ Global
An Entrepreneur, with broad experience in all aspects of business. Having started, built, bought and sold businesses over the last 20+ years, Martin continues to learn from the experiences, every day is a school day!

Martin’s business experience ranges from Engineering (Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Control Systems), to I.T. (re-selling and implementing sales productivity improvement technologies for: CRM, Proposal Automation and Product Configuration solutions) and now, Software Development (Data and Information Quality Improvement products).

Martin’s goals are to undertake all business dealings in an open honest and fair manner, and maximize the value of the business for the benefit of key stakeholders, clients, partners, employees and shareholders alike.


Date:          21st July, 2021
Time:         3:00 pm BST
Duration:   1 hour

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