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How AI is assisting customer service and support

How AI is assisting customer service and support

Giant strides have been made in artificial intelligence (AI) over the last few years across many fields, and more recently within customer service operations.

So how is AI benefiting customer support teams and enabling them to reduce response times? And how is tech helping them deal with surges in tickets so they can ultimately improve customer satisfaction and other metrics that go along with it?

In partnership with Unbabel, London Research is hosting this webinar to help you understand how you and your team can benefit from AI-driven technology and processes.

During this session you'll learn:

  • How AI can allow you to automate processes and improve productivity among the team
  • How technology can enable you to minimise the surge in support tickets during peaks
  • How AI is enabling support teams to communicate seamlessly with customers in different languages
  • How brands like Logitech and Kiwi.com are improving their customer experience by using AI

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Linus Gregoriadis                                                                            Speaker's Company Logo

Linus Gregoriadis  Director  - London Research                   

An experienced digital marketing analyst, business writer and speaker who co-founded London Research in 2017. Linus spent more than a decade setting up and building the research function at Econsultancy, a digital research and training company now owned by Xeim. After leaving Econsultancy, he launched ClickZ Intelligence for B2B media company Contentive.

   Unbabel_richard-kalnins_sm-image-(2).png                                 unbabel_200x50_logo-(2).jpg

Richard Kalnins      VP, Strategic Accounts - Unbabel

Based at Unbabel's hub in NYC, I help global companies solve the complexities of multilingual customer support. I work with Unbabel's strategic accounts in the US to optimize their global support operations and scale internationally by eliminating language as a barrier to growth.

Prior to joining Unbabel I spent 15 years in Europe, working in the localization industry and helping the European Commission build its language technology infrastructure. I've also worked in the areas of economic development, investment promotion, public diplomacy, journalism, and travel writing.

Date:         30th September, 2021
Time:        3:00 pm BST | 4:00 pm CEST | 10:00 am EDT
Duration:  1 hour

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