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Acing personalised customer engagement: A complete How-to guide

Acing personalised customer engagement: A complete How-to guide

Customers today have a very low tolerance for mass messages that aren’t relevant to them.

Personalisation has become an indispensable part of an effective customer engagement strategy. This belief was strongly backed by the findings of The Personalization Pulse Check Report, based on a survey conducted across 1000 customers. The report uncovers how a customer expects personalisation from brands and their personalisation preferences.

As marketers, we’ve all realised the importance of personalisation in our customer engagement efforts. In an ideal world, we would love to personalise every SMS, every email and every product recommendation that we send out to our customer base. A recent Gartner survey showed brands risk losing 38% of customers because of poor marketing personalization efforts. The cost of ineffective personalisation is too high, hence it’s better to understand how to do it right.

What data should we collect? How do I segment my customer base? How do I scale my personalisation plan across channels?  While planning a personalisation strategy, marketers also need to look at using very few data points to deliver valuable and relevant content while not being “a virtual stalker”.

This webinar will cover:

  1. Customer Personalisation Expectations
  2. Data points marketers need to collect
  3. The marketing technology stack that will help you personalise at scale
  4. The personalisation payoff in customer engagement- Results from personalising in terms of brand recall, purchases, repurchases, referrals, increased cart size etc.
  5. Learning from success stories


Linus Gregoriadis

Linus Gregoriadis
Director - London Research

An experienced digital marketing analyst, business writer and speaker who co-founded London Research in 2017. Linus spent more than a decade setting up and building the research function at Econsultancy, a digital research and training company now owned by Xeim. After leaving Econsultancy, he launched ClickZ Intelligence for B2B media company Contentive.


Shalini Devji-Jethwa
Director Marketing, Europe - MoEngage

Shalini is a passionate senior marketer and brings with her over 10 years of experience working for a number of leading SaaS companies such as BounceX & Sailthru. Her expertise spans across demand generation, PR, content strategy, field, and digital marketing. Currently, Shalini heads up the European marketing division at MoEngage.

Date:         23rd September, 2021
Time:        15:00 pm BST | 16:00 pm CEST | 10:00 am EDT
Duration:   1 hour

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