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MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit

MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit

At the annual EIS in Deer Valley we run towards the quakes and share solutions. We explore how email marketers are solving for new restrictions on their metrics and data flow. What does next-gen personalization look like now, as we lean more into zero and first party data, as multimedia invades the in-box, as clutter puts more pressure on good storytelling? Yeah, this is going to take a few days.

The email channel has been rocked not by one, not by two, but by multiple earthquakes in how it does business. The pandemic? Well, of course. But at the same time some of email's fundamental response metrics are being excised by Apple. Meanwhile the privacy regs and crumbling browser cookies are limiting inputs and further driving marketers to rely on zero and first party data and direct communions via messaging. That is a lot to handle. Boy, do we need to talk!

We Will Explore:
- Solving for iOS 15
- Mapping Email Against Customer Journeys
- Cultivating Zero and First Party Data
- Email Storytelling and Content Strategy
- Integrating Email and SMS
- The Trends Worth Watching (and not) in 2022

For more information on the agenda and speakers, see here.

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