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B2B Influencer Marketing Summit

B2B Influencer Marketing Summit

Welcome to the B2B Influencer marketing summit – an event solely focused on the rapidly growing area of influencer marketing within the B2B marketplace.

The conference will hear from leading experts on how they have created brand partnerships that are not just one-offs but integrated thought leadership campaigns. Collaboration is one word synonymous with influencer marketing because that is what it is. B2B Influencers come from all different disciplines, technical experts, authors, speakers, business leaders, academics, brand ambassadors and so much more.

Traditional advertising has waned in effectiveness as we become overwhelmed with content. Relevance and personalisation have never been more important. People connect more with thought leaders and influencers that speak with authority and authenticity.

We hope you enjoy the content, the speakers and the networking opportunities.

See here for more information on speakers and the schedule.

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