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Signals 21

Signals 21

The award-winning Signals21 is back. Starting October 6 we are bringing you 5 weeks of unmissable content, and it promises to be bigger, bolder and better than ever.

The award-winning virtual content series for marketers is back and we promise it’s going to be bigger, bolder, and better than ever.

Starting October 6, we're bringing you 5 weeks of unmissable content, bringing together the brightest thought-leaders, industry heads and engaging panels. Hear directly from global enterprise brand marketers from all marketing functions as they share their experience and successes engaging customers across the entire customer lifecycle.

You won’t have to worry about Zoom fatigue, or falling asleep at your computer, expect explosive content...and actual explosions. Signals21 will be multiple sessions a week of fun, award-winning, awesome content that will leave you feeling motivated and refreshed.

Check out these weekly must-attend sessions

October 6th  -  Inspire  -  Identifying Marketer's Biggest Challenges Today and How To Tackle Them Head On

Join us to explore the biggest threats to meeting your marketing goals and be inspired with the tools to tackle them head-on. We deal with the fallout from the death of the cookie, privacy shifts in advertising, and meeting the customer where-they-are. As well as how to get that all-important senior buy-in and ways you can inspire your team to align on a concerted strategy. This kick-off week is a jolt every marketing team needs, no matter your role.

October 13th  -  Innovate  -  Why Innovation and Native Actions are the Heart of Today's Marketing Technology Solutions

Cheetah Digital is laser-focused on developing the most innovative and efficient marketing technologies available for enterprise organizations today. But what does that mean for truly meeting the demands of ever-evolving customer expectations? We'll explore why 'data liquidity' and 'native actions' across your martech solutions are critical to success and how at Cheetah Digital we're executing on our promise to empower marketers to do more while providing efficiencies at scale. This week is all about our data platform, real-world use cases, and how our technology can help drive growth for your business now and well into the future.

October 20th  -  Understand  -  Single Source of Truth is the Foundation of Any Digital Ecosystem

Despite the clear dysfunction created by having fragmented views of customer data, we continue to see enterprise makerters battling with silos, disparate systems, and toolsets built for technologists instead of for marketers. This week we’ll examine how by collecting the right class of data, and harmonizing it in a single source of truth, marketers can truly understand each customer as an individual deliver game-changing personalization.

October 27th  -  Activate  -  Connecting With Your Customers on the Right Channel, With the Right Message, at the Right Time

The idea of a true omnichannel experience, where marketers seamlessly blend touchpoints can seem impossible to achieve. With the right technology, however, today it is possible to create a unified customer experience that delights customers and drives business results. This week we’ll explore how marketers can deliver a truly consistent experience, where channels and touchpoints revolve around the customer, and personalize each and every interaction - from social to wallet, SMS to email, website to ads. We’ll empower you to make that all-important connection in the moments that matter.

November 3rd  -  Engage  -  Forget the Vanity Metrics, Customer Lifetime Value is What Moves The Needle

At Cheetah we’re committed to helping enterprise marketers keep their customers engaged, retained, and loyal in a world full of infinite choice. In these sessions we will reimagine loyalty, and how it can be a driver for customer lifetime value. Loyalty is about more than a freebie on your tenth visit, or undercutting a competitor - the core of loyalty is recognizing each customer as an individual, nurturing that relationship and delivering content and bespoke deals that reflect this. This week is about making sure every action, input, and communication your customer receives from you moves the needle.

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