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Powering Personalized Digital Experience in Branding

Powering Personalized Digital Experience in Branding

Bynder x VIM Group THURSDAY OCTOBER 21ST, 2021 14:00 CET / 13:00 GMT / 8 AM EDT

The accelerated migration of marketing spend to digital channels, marketing and creative teams are being asked to create more digital content with less resources and be more efficient. Leading brands are using the latest tools to deliver great digital experiences, reduce spend on content and greatly increase the productivity of their marketing and creative teams.

Join Bynder x VIM Group on October 21, and find out how you can use the latest MarTech to:

  • Offer consistent, on-brand digital experiences across all digital channels
  • Deliver the growing volume of digital content using automation
  • Capitalise on the marketing & branding trends in 2022
  • Organise your brand with people, processes and tooling


Georgi Mirazchiev - Digital Marketing Specialist, UK, Bynder
Georgi is a digital marketer with a particular interest in marketing automation, demand generation, content creation and campaign management in the SaaS industry. He likes to get things done and is obsessed with tracking, automation and efficiency improvements.


Margot Pijls - Regional Marketing Manager Northern Europe, Bynder

Margot is a digital marketer with a particular interest in demand generation in the SaaS industry. Her professional passions shine in building and executing effective end-to-end marketing campaigns via outbound and inbound marketing methodologies that help accelerate the sales funnel.


Maarten Evertzen  -  Head of Digital, VIM Group

Responsible for strategy, management and development of the business unit Digital and Technology, consisting of a cross border team of digital & data consultants, IT specialists and project managers.

DATE:             THURSDAY OCTOBER 21ST, 2021
TIME:             14:00 CET / 13:00 GMT / 8 AM EDT

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