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Post-Lockdown: Building Digital Resilience Masterclass

Post-Lockdown: Building Digital Resilience Masterclass

As lockdown is eased, marketers need to prepare for the New Normal, a world in which consumer habits will have fundamentally changed. The shift to digital channels will have been accelerated, and uncertainty will be a huge issue with many setbacks and market fluctuations likely. In this session, our partner Mapp Digital will provide definitive guidance on how to build resilience and agility deep into your marketing activities, so that your brand can not just survive, but thrive in a post-lockdown world.

In response to current and constantly evolving conditions, the shift to digital channels has been greatly accelerated – and depending on your level of preparation, that poses either an opportunity or a threat.

Uncertainty will be a huge issue in the New Normal, so resilience needs to be built deep into your marketing activities. Your future success will require you to introduce many incremental changes across every aspect of your digital marketing efforts, the sum total of which will help you to build resilience and agility.

In this session, Mapp Digital will help you to prepare for this new reality, with definitive guidance on how to review your marketing programmes to bake in resilience, and provide specific approaches to help you to gain brand success.

At the end of the session, you will receive The Digital Marketing Playbook, a must-have interactive guide featuring 100 tactics that will make it easy to identify the next opportunities for improvement that will provide the greatest uplift in ROI with the least amount of  effort.

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Ricardas Montvila - Global Strategy Director, Mapp

Like many other children of the Altavista and Tamagotchi generation, Ric is a digital native and finds the worlds of digital marketing and privacy fascinating. On a daily basis, Ric is responsible for making Mapp Cloud the platform that all of their 3000+ brands and agencies adore and helping them create value-based and insight-led relationships with consumers all over the world. Over the last 10 years, Ric has helped hundreds of brands to unlock the value of data in their customer engagement strategies. Currently, Ric is on a crusade to challenge marketers to fuel all their decisions with Insight rather than gut feel. After all, marketing based on averages creates average results!


Date:          24th June, 2020
Time:         09:00 am BST
Duration:   1 hour

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