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The Signals Series 2020

The Signals Series 2020

The Signals Series 2020, a virtual conference programme is an annual event organised by Cheetah Digital, that will deliver keynote sessions from industry leaders, panel discussions, fireside interviews, product launches, demos, and more.

Cheetah Digital are taking advantage of this virtual format to break up their content and provide a stream of thought leadership, inspiration, and tech knowledge in shorter sessions, distributed across a longer 9 week timeframe.

The sessions will cover:

  • Personalisation
  • Acquisition & enrichment, 
  • Data-driven marketing
  • Omnichannel loyalty.

Each week includes a keynote session, a client panel or case study, a particle demo / top tips sessions and an industry specific session.

Sign-up now and be registered for the last live sessions in the series starting on November 10th, kicking off with a keynote session on Product Vision and Personalization Strategy with Bill Ingram, Chief Product Officer at Cheetah Digital.

Plus, once you have signed up you will have access to all of the previous sessions that you may have missed. So, what's not to love?​

Seth Godin - American author
Author of 19 books that have been bestsellers around the world and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He’s also the founder of the altMBA and The Marketing Seminar, online workshops that have transformed the work of thousands of people.His latest book, This Is Marketing, was an instant bestseller around the world.

Cynthia Marshall - CEO, Dallas Mavericks

Jay Baer - Author & marketing expert

Katie Rhine - Corporate Marketing Manager, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Michael Stutts - EVP & COO, Bloomin' Brands

Shar VanBoskirk - VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester
Shar helps CMOs lead customer-obsessed strategies at their firms while also transforming their marketing functions to deliver brand experiences that are relevant to empowered customers. Her specific research focuses on marketing strategy, budgets, staffing, organisation, and creating an operating model for customer obsession.

Emily Collins - Principal Analyst & Interim Research Director, Forrester
A Forrester principal analyst focused on customer loyalty, with an emphasis on trends, technologies, services, and analytics. She helps marketing clients navigate the evolving customer loyalty landscape and develop intelligence-driven loyalty strategies and programmes.

Sameer Kazi - CEO, Cheetah Digital

Fatemeh Khatibloo - VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester
Serves B2C marketing professionals, with a focus on the shifting global consumer data ecosystem. She helps marketers navigate the complex connections between privacy, trust, and ethical data use, including the practices and vendors that can help them bridge the privacy/personalisation paradox. Fatemeh also advises clients on strategies to comply with global privacy regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.

Bill Ingram - CPO, Cheetah Digital

Stephanie Liu - Analyst, Forrester
An analyst serving B2C marketing professionals. Her research focuses on marketing technologies, including marketing resource management and mobile engagement automation, as well as customer trust and privacy

(On-Demand) Sep 15-17

The Signals Series kicks off with two industry keynotes — one featuring renowned author Seth Godin — and a detailed look into what the following weeks will contain.

Learn how to make the most out of our virtual conference programme that will deliver sessions from industry leaders, panel discussions, fireside interviews, product launches and demos, and much more.

Do Work That Matters For People Who Care, Keynote With Seth Godin & Richard Jones, CMO
WATCH LIVE Tuesday, September 15th (11am EDT)

Youtility: How to Grow Your Business by Helping, Not Selling, Keynote With Jay Baer
WATCH LIVE Wednesday, September 16th (11am EDT)

Why Financial Services Firms MUST Personalize Across All Customer Touchpoints
WATCH LIVE Thursday, September 17th (11am EDT)

Acquisition & Enrichment
(On-Demand) Sep 29-Oct 1

This track will be focused on marketers who want to turn their marketing and advertising efforts into growing a privacy compliant consumer database using engaging experiences to convert the unknown consumer to known.

Learn how to gather zero-party data such as purchase intent and preference data to form a more complete view of consumer behaviour.

5 Reasons You Should Own Your Own Data, and How to Acquire It: A Discussion with Fatemeh Khatibloo and Richard Jones
WATCH LIVE Tuesday, September 29th (11am EDT)

An Illustrated Guide to Collecting Zero Party Data with Stephanie Liu
WATCH LIVE Tuesday, September 29th (11:30am EDT)

Customer Case Study With Pure Archery Group
WATCH LIVE Wednesday, September 30th (11am EDT)

Tips From The Experts: Cheetah Experiences — Exploring The Top 5 Programs of 2020
WATCH LIVE Thursday, October 1st (11am EDT)

Enhancing Digital Fan Engagement: Sports & Media Marketers For the Win
WATCH LIVE Thursday, October 1st (11.30am EDT)

Data-Driven Engagement
(On-demand) Oct 13-15

This track will be focused on marketers who want to bring all their various data sources into a single, unified platform for a single-view of the customer with real-time insights and activation.

Learn how to easily discover and action opportunities, build audience segments, and orchestrate data with real-time interaction management.

How to Build a Customer Obsessed Strategy with Shar VanBoskirk, Forrester
WATCH LIVE Tuesday, October 13th (11am EDT)

Customer Case Study with Bloomin’ Brands
WATCH LIVE Wednesday, October 14th (11am EDT)

Navigating Data-driven Engagement: Set Waypoints for Success. Tips from Cheetah experts
WATCH LIVE Thursday, October 15th (11am EDT)

How CPG Brands Are Successfully Unlocking Direct-To-Consumer Relationships
WATCH LIVE Thursday, October 15th (11:30am EDT)

Omnichannel Loyalty
Oct 27-29

This track will be focused on marketers who want to engage, reward, and incentivise customers to drive more revenue and interaction while optimising offers and building customer lifetime value.

Learn how to provide a seamless customer journey that rewards behaviour as well as transactions to foster emotional loyalty to your brand.

How to Create a Loyalty Strategy, Not Just a Rewards Program with Emily Collins, Forrester  
WATCH LIVE Tuesday, October 27th (11am EDT)

Customer Case Study with Salling Group
WATCH LIVE Wednesday, October 28th (11am EDT)

Tips From The Experts: Cheetah Loyalty
WATCH LIVE Thursday, October 29th (11am EDT)

How Marketers in the Restaurant, Travel, and Hospitality Industries are Shifting to a Digital-First Strategy
WATCH LIVE Thursday, October 29th (11.30am EDT)

Nov 10-12

This track will be focused on marketers who want to activate first- and zero-party data to deliver highly personalised, dynamic offers and content based on real-time decisions on the real-time state of the consumer at scale.

Learn how to trigger events that support remarketing and individualised retargeting efforts.

Keynote - Product Vision and Personalization Strategy, Bill Ingram, Chief Product Officer, Cheetah Digital 
WATCH LIVE Tuesday, November 10th (11am EDT)

Use Case session - Personalization, Patrick Tripp, SVP, Product Marketing, Cheetah Digital
WATCH LIVE Wednesday, November 11th (11am EDT)

Customer Case Study with SeaWorld
WATCH LIVE Thursday, November 12th (11am EDT)

How Are Retail Marketers Adapting To Unprecedented Changes In Consumer Shopping Behaviors?
WATCH LIVE Thursday, November 12th (11.30am EDT) 

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