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Webinar | Grow Your Business: Reduce Churn and Increase Revenue

Webinar | Grow Your Business: Reduce Churn and Increase Revenue

This webinar will cover the importance of customer marketing and its crucial role in growing your business. Companies that aim to reduce churn through adoption and retention strategies will reap the benefits. Learn how marketers are using automation tools to support customers throughout their entire lifecycle.

Ensuring your customers are supported and satisfied prior to purchase is one of the keys to reducing churn, but that’s just the beginning. Post purchase, your customers expect you to follow through with your promises, which means they want to remain informed and engaged throughout the customer lifecycle.

Instilling solid retention strategies that engage your existing customer base promotes future business growth. A little effort can go a long way, and your business can continue to expand beyond purchase. In fact, companies that increase customer retention rates by just 5% enjoy a 75% increase in profits.

This webinar will explore best practices for succeeding in customer retention with the use of adoption, onboarding, and informative tactics that keep them excited.


Katie Jameson - Director, EMEA Marketing, Act-On Software

Growth Marketing Overview
Growth marketing extends far beyond traditional lead management. It encompasses the full customer lifecycle from awareness to purchase to customer advocacy (and beyond)!

Why Marketers Should Focus on Customer Retention
Over the past few years, businesses have been focusing more on the customer journey, but it’s more important than ever to understand how marketers can lead the charge by leveraging retention strategies to support business growth.

Four Best Practices for Reducing Churn and Increasing Revenue
Learn best practices to reduce traditional churn and increase your business’ revenue potential.


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