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Digital Insights 2019

Digital Insights 2019

Discover what Siteimprove have learned about the state of digital customer engagement.

In this webinar, you will learn about the insights uncovered by IDG Connect and Siteimprove in their recent research for the Digital Insights 2019 report. Siteimprove will go through what over 100 marketers worldwide told them about the obstacles of digital customer engagement, and give some tips on what to do about them. 

Siteimprove will cover:

  • Why companies’ web presences still fail to impress and what to do about optimizing yours
  • Why insights from data analysis are key to optimizing your digital marketing efforts
  • Which aspects of content management and maintenance respondents struggle with the most and what you can do to overcome these issues
  • Which digital marketing channels respondents invest in and how to choose the right approach for your company

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Wibke Weilacher-Carstensen - Head of Growth Marketing, Siteimprove
Wibke Weilacher-Carstensen is the Head of Growth Marketing at Siteimprove, where she leads the global team responsible for brand awareness and demand generation. In her role, she focuses on delivering great customer experiences through digital and in-person touch points. With over ten years of international digital marketing experience, Wibke has extensive experience in setting marketing strategies, developing positioning, driving growth, and leading teams to success.


Søren Laumand - Analytics Expert, Siteimprove
Søren Laumand is the Analytics Product Expert at Siteimprove. Søren has a degree in Management of Innovation and Business Development from Copenhagen Business School, and has worked in the digital industry since 2011. Søren is dedicated to helping organizations big and small put their website analytics into use and avoid analysis paralysis, typically brought on by overwhelming amounts of data. 


Kyra Kuik - Senior Digital Editor, Siteimprove
Kyra Kuik is the Senior Digital Editor at Siteimprove, where she is responsible for Siteimprove's content strategy and development. Kyra has experience creating global B2B content strategies for high-growth startups and Fortune 500 companies, specializing in organic growth optimization, brand positioning, lead generative content, and audience research. 

North America

Date:        30th October, 2019
Time:       11:00 am PDT | 1:00 pm EDT 
Duration: 1 Hour


Date:        30th October, 2019
Time:       11:00 am GMT | 12:00 pm CET
Duration: 1 Hour

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