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MarTech Festival

MarTech Festival

For one jam-packed day, #MarTechFest takes place at Hawker House. A far cry from your typical hotel conference room, the unique and quirky venue is packed with bars, street food, pool tables and more!

The team behind #MarTechFest are committed to creating an environment that supports our 3 Cs;


We want creativity to permeate throughout everything we do, how we deliver our experience, how we create and deliver sessions - we want to think outside the box, we want to attract creative thinkers.


We want to work with our community to build something special, to get insights and perspective from people of all backgrounds, to better understand the needs of many,  and create an event and experience together. We want to empower our community to contribute their opinions and have their say when it comes to building #MarTechFest. An event for you, by you.


We want to bring together people from all stages of their digital transformation who are passionate about what they do - to share their passions, their ideas, their challenges and their wins.

Confirmed speakers to be found on the events landing page here.

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