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Cutting through the Complexity of Cloud Security

Cutting through the Complexity of Cloud Security

Join us for “Cutting Through Complexity – June Edition” if you really want to avoid the grind and sharpen your axes. Lightning talks from fellow CTOs, an axe throwing masterclass at Whistle Punks and a trip to the pub afterwards. The next one is June 27th 2019 at 2:30pm in Vauxhall.

Get out of the walled garden for an afternoon to gain insight on cloud, security and governance from the guys in the trenches. Network with peers and ask questions in a non-sales environment.

Digital Craftsmen, the cloud security and managed hosting specialists have planned something a little different and organised a series of collaborative get-togethers for CTOs to talk about ‘Cutting through the complexity of the Cloud’.

CTOs will learn about the latest cloud industry security practices, what’s working and what’s not in governance, and the latest trends and issues which are coming down the line.

 It will be a fast and furious series of talks, followed by plenty of debating with like-minded CTOs sharing their experiences of being in the IT / Cloud front line. Then the group will head to Whistle Punks to literally ‘Cut through the complexity of the Cloud’ for a session of Axe Throwing.

There’s a tutor to demonstrate the mastery of axe throwing, and a winner’s trophy for the best axe thrower. All rounded off by heading to the local pub for beers, grub and more chats.

Call 020 3745 7706 or email [email protected] for more information.

Doors Locked, Windows Open
What is the total picture of cloud security? Is it the perimeter, the network and the people? Is it the ports we leave open for convenience? Let’s take a look at some common vulnerabilities.
Michel Drescher – CTO, CloudStrato

Once More Unto The Breach
The bigger the target, the juicier the reward. Enterprise buyers need to know how to classify data, where to store it and to mitigate the risks of a data breach using more than common sense.
Paul Orrock – Technical Director, Digital Craftsmen

Social Engineering & Fake News
Fear, obedience, greed and overt helpfulness. It’s easier than you think to become a victim of a social engineering attack in the online world. What counts as truth these days anyway?
Frank Khan Sullivan – MD, C Digital Studio

The Day After Tomorrow
The IT security soldiers line up for morning drills. But what about the rest of the company? When was the last time your company ran a data breach fire drill? Would they know what to do?
David Terrar – Deputy Chair, Cloud Industry Forum


14:30 – Avengers Assemble

15:00 – Lightning Talks

16:30 – Axe Throwing

18:30 – Pub


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