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Virtual Reality Show

Virtual Reality Show

Join 10,000 other attendees for the opportunity to try out VR poroducts, experience interactive Show Features, and meet top brands working in VR today.


We know that the quickest route to understanding new tech and feeling inspired by its creative potential, is to get hands-on. You can explore the future of medicine in HOSPITAL 2.0, connect with leading agencies and explore new business tools in our ENTERPRISE HUB, get lost in the beauty of our VR & AR IMMERSIVE ART GALLERY, get to grips with the future of automotive in our AUTOMOTIVE LAB, relax in the 360° MOVIE HOUSE and explore THE FUTURE HOME to discover how tech will integrate seamlessly into our lives throughout the 21st Century.

If you’re a business, developer or educator, our Thursday and Friday events are for you. If you’re a gamer, tech enthusiast or a consumer interested in the future of tech, we’re open to the general public on Saturday 07 April. 

This event has something for everyone – if you love technology, come and experience the future…..

We believe that attending a show isn’t just about looking at technology – it’s about getting involved. With this in mind, we’ve created a series of application-led features that will allow you to experience the power of a whole range of future tech and discover how it can enrich your personal and professional life. These are the world’s most immersive technologies – Come and experience them for yourself!

We’ll be announcing the details of more feature contributors, sponsors and partners in the lead up to the show.

Hospital 2.0
Digital Gym
The Games Arcade
360 Movie House
AI & Robotics
Automotive Lab
Immersive Art Gallery
Digital Fashion House
Agency Hub
Charity & Goodwill
The Igloo Dome
360 degree Aquarium
VR Club
Tech Marketplace
Culture & Heritage
The Future Home
Vocktail Bar
Enterprise Hub
The AR App Centre​


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