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Lebanon’s first global UX event - two action-packed days of talks and workshops. Our international panel of speakers will be presenting some of the most innovative ideas about user experience, design, marketing and technology.

Be ​part ​of ​the ​global ​UX ​movement.

Be ​a ​part ​of ​inspiring ​conversations with ​mentors ​and ​peers ​in ​the ​digital industry, ​learn ​through ​hands-on workshops ​and ​discover ​the ​latest trends ​in ​design ​and ​user ​experience. UXB ​will ​take ​place ​in ​the ​historic American ​University ​of ​Beirut ​on ​May 10th ​and ​11th.

At ​UXB, ​our ​mission ​is ​to ​bring ​together ​designers, ​developers, ​marketers ​and entrepreneurs ​from ​all ​over ​the ​world, ​who ​are ​united ​by ​a ​passion ​for ​providing extraordinary ​user ​experiences. ​Join ​us ​as ​we ​put ​Beirut ​on ​the ​map ​as ​a ​hub ​of digital ​innovation ​and ​entrepreneurship.

Krystel Kouyoumji
Design Director
McKinsey Digital Labs

Salman Amir
Associate Design Director - UXD

Rami Jawhar
VR, Mindfulness & Apps Partnerships

Loubna Ibrahim
Product & Innovation Manager

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